Experience the cold of the Hokkaido winter! The Furano Shibarerussho Night Tour!


The Furano Starry Night Search Tour in Winter is a new tour for experiencing the cold of Hokkaido's winter. Enjoy a Mini Science Show by a famous Japanese science producer.

  • Mini Science Show supervised by Yonemura Denjiro Science Production

    A variety of unique experiences are available (see below).
    1. Extreme cold experience – with frozen towel!
    2. Supercooling??
    3. Giant air gun experiment!!
    4. The whirling flame tornado!!
    5. Gaze at the world of light's rainbow colors!
    6. Experience a hundred-person scare with static electricity!!
    7. Handheld fireworks festival!!

  • After experiencing the coldness of the Hokkaido winter at the 900-meter-high top of Furano Ropeway, enjoy a mini fireworks festival with handheld fireworks in front of the Sanroku Station building.
    This winter, why not take the family on a tour that you’ll find nowhere else?

    Dates: Every Friday and Saturday from Friday, January 25 to Saturday, February 23, plus February 10, 2019.
    Location: Top of Furano Ropeway
    Time: 6:00pm (reception starts at 5:45pm)
    How to participate: Gather in front of Furano Ropeway Sanroku Station (no reservation required)
    Cancellation of event: Determined at 4:00pm on day of event (posted in hotel lobby)
    Fee: ¥2,200 per adult; no fee for elementary school age children or younger (up to two children free per adult; ¥500 per additional child)




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