Ticking Mountain Light Up Event Lamp Festival (Toukasai) Held from 1/19 (Saturday)

Ticking Mountain Light Up Event Lamp Festival (Toukasai) Held from 1/19 (Saturday)


From Saturday, January 19, we will hold a ticking light-up event "Lantern Festival (Touka Saito)". A huge lantern tower and lanterns appeared on the mountaintop observation platform square, designed by Yamanashi traditional crafts Koshu Impression pattern. When it lights up, the story of the old tale "Ticking Mountain" emerges with shadow painting, and the area is wrapped in gentle light.

  • At our ropeway, during the period until "Mt. Fuji Day" on Saturday, February 23rd, special business at night is held until 20: 40 on Saturdays and Sundays where "2019 Kawaguchi Lake / Winter Fireworks" will be held. Fireworks that can be launched in the clear air of winter have a different beauty from summer and you can enjoy collaboration with the night view of the city and the sparkling starry sky.

  • About 'Ticking Mountain Light Up Event'

    ・Implementation day Every day from Sunday, January 19, 2019 to Sunday, March 31 (Sun) ※ If the ropeway is closed due to bad weather etc. will be canceled
    ・Lighting time around 16:00 ~ Ropeway until business closing time
    ・Place ~ Kawaguchiko ~ Mt. Fuji Panorama Ropeway Mountaintop Observation Square
    ・Fee Fee Free ※ A predetermined fare is required for boarding the ropeway
    "Kawaguchi-ko winter fireworks nighttime special sales"
    ・Implementation day Saturdays and Sundays from Saturday, January 12, 2019 to Saturday, February 23 (Saturday) Saturday and Sunday (Kawaguchiko winter Fireworks display date ※ Depending on bad weather and winter fireworks display situation,Sometimes
    ・Implementation time 19: 00 ~20: 40 (last down flight) ※ Please note that the upward final flight will depart at 20:20.
    ・Fireworks launch time is 20: 00 ~ 20: 20.
    ・Ropeway fee Adult roundtrip 800 yen, roundtrip 400 yen for dwarfs


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