Solar X / X-Rated

Solar X / X-Rated


Japanese master of psychedelic art Takashi Tanaami on the cover design, a rare album is reissued on vinyl from Nina Kraviz’s “GALAXIID”.

  • Nina Kraviz’s GALAXIID label, for its second release, is reissuing a rare album by Solar X titled “X-Rated”, which was originally released in 1997. In the album, the Russian producer Solar X (aka Roman Belavkin) freely transitions between various genres such as techno, IDM and electro, and develops a world that has been described as “a mysterious sonic world by the elusive 90s pioneer”. Meanwhile, the cover art was designed by Takashi Tanaami, the Japanese master of psychedelic art. As a graphic designer, film maker and artist, Tanaami has blurred the boundaries between the various media and genres of art since the 1960s. In recent years, he has collaborated with major brands such as Adidas and Uniqlo attracting much attention. Nina, who has always been interested in psychedelic art, reached out to Tanaami via the boss of “DOMMUNE” - one of Japan’s leading streaming sites - Naohiro Ukawa. This led to Nina performing at Tanaami’s exhibition in Moscow, where Nina played music live for his video projection. It is said that the cover art for “X-Rated” was meant as a return gift for Nina’s live set in Russia.

    Release Date: February 4
    Label: GALAXIID


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