MANGA ART HOTEL, TOKYO, keeping you awake?? February 2019

MANGA ART HOTEL, TOKYO, keeping you awake?? February 2019


Opened in February 2019 in the Jimbocho area of Tokyo, the MANGA ART HOTEL, TOKYO is a gateway to art and a manga experience with the theme of "a hotel keeping you awake."

  • Japan and Tokyo are receiving more international attention thanks to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. As the number of international tourists to Japan rises, we want them to love Japan even more. We have therefore opened MANGA ART HOTEL, TOKYO to offer a unique lodging experience.
    Sales of electronic manga have exceeded sales of paper manga. To spread the enjoyment of paper manga as a work of art in your hands, our hotel provides a highly selective collection of manga to make your stay extra special. As your host, the hotel management talks directly with guests to promote cultural exchange through manga with people from various countries and backgrounds.

  • Over 5,000 manga books, all with short commentaries.

    The hotel's room of manga shelves is like a different world. The 5,000+ manga books have been carefully curated for their artistic value and all have short commentaries. Interesting manga that you have never noticed before in the bookstore are waiting to be discovered. The men's floor and women's floor have a different selection of manga. International tourists,manga in English is also available. The commentaries for the 5,000 manga were written by the hotel management. All the manga are commercially available.


  • Jimbocho is known as a bookstore town with many bookstores and book publishers. Even today, it perpetuates Japanese culture. This town of context and culture is where MANGA ART HOTEL, TOKYO has opened. Without a doubt, it will be a hotel that manga lovers will love. Not only that, foreign visitors to Japan can also receive a warm hospitality through Japanese culture.

  • Go out with your pajamas on. Collaboration with Nells, a pajama brand.

    "No need to change out of your pajamas." An innovative concept by popular pajama brand Nells. Through a tie-up, the hotel sells Nells pajamas. Nells' original pajamas feature top-notch design and you need not change out of them when you go out. The pajamas are comfortable to sleep in and you can even wear them for short errands outside the hotel. From mid-February, the pajamas went on sale at the hotel reception desk and website.
    Collaborative pants with the original Nells design. The first edition has a manga theme with two motifs, "koma" (panel) and "komagoma."

  • Rather than "Japanese-style," it's a "Japan-like" space.

    While taking advantage of the existing building's structure, a combination of diverse construction materials, furniture, wall shelves, and 5,000 paper manga books creates a space that is like an ecosystem of diverse creatures living together.
    Aiming for a modern translation of the ancient Japanese idea of "a god resides in everything," the space consists of three spaces: the PUBLIC ZONE with the reception desk, the UTILITY ZONE for using water, and the MANGA ROOM. Since the three rooms have tunnel-like corridors you can go through, it's a wondrous, extraordinary world to get lost in. Designed to be the gateway to the manga world.

  • Brand development in parallel with architectural design

    Architecture is one cultural thing that Japan should boast about. Japan continues to produce many world-renown architects with one of the world's most fertile grounds for architecture. However, the subject of architecture is not really reaching the general public. Therefore, to better promote the attractive features of the building, the architect, Tan Yamanouchi, not only designed the building, but alsodeveloped an integral brand. The building design and associated brand are the highlight of MANGA ART HOTEL, TOKYO.

  • Hotel Information

    Bed size 100 cm x 200 cm or 120 cm x 200 cm
    Rates Weekdays ¥4,800–¥5,800
    Day before Sun. or national holiday ¥5,800~¥6,800 (Subject to change)
    Hours Open 24 hours.
    Check-in and check-out Check-in 3:00 p.m., check-out 11:00 a.m.
    Payment methods Credit card (VISA, MASTER, AMEX) or cash
    Floor area Approx. 170 sq. meters


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