World’s most mystery-crammed theme park Tokyo Mystery Circus offers popular escape game!


A real escape game you can enjoy in just ten minutes! Experience the type of thrill you won’t find anywhere else!

  • Story for popular prison escape game

    You have been imprisoned for a crime you did not commit in Mystery Prison, escape from which is said to be impossible.
    As the day of your execution draws nearer, you receive a tip from your friend, an informant.

    “There’s a rumor that you’ll have the chance to escape at midnight tonight, but you’ll have to do it in ten minutes—ten minutes is all the time you’ll have.
    Use those ten minutes to escape from your cell. Your execution is scheduled for tomorrow. This is your last chance...!”

    Will you succeed in cracking the codes and solving the mysteries that lie within this prison,
    and find a way out of this hopeless situation?

    How to play

    1. Purchase a ticket for your preferred time slot. The maximum number of members on each team is two people. Up to ten people may play at once.
    2. Please come at least ten minutes before the specified start time.
    3. Please listen carefully to the explanation and precautions, and start playing! The time limit is ten minutes.
    4. There will be an explanation at the end of the game.


    For times and prices, please refer to the following URL.




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