Asobuild, the Entertainment Building Yokohama Station Opening March 15, 2019! Introducing the Area and its Charm

Asobuild, the Entertainment Building Yokohama Station Opening March 15, 2019! Introducing the Area and its Charm


Asobuild, an experience-based complex entertainment facility opens by the Yokohama Station, in Yokohama City, Kannagawa Prefecture on March 15, 2019. With its interior kids park, sports court, and unique entertainment experiences, including craft making, it is a new facility that expands across every floor of the entire building, a total of roughly 12,000 square meters.

  • A New Entertainment Building is Born!

    Asobuild is an experience-based complex entertainment facility made for the purpose of entertainment, and is scheduled to be accessible directly through the south east exit of the Yokohama Station. The space, a renovation of the Yokohama Central Post Office, separated into basement floors one through four, and a roof floor, with different concepts for each, such as the latest technology, craft making, and kids.

    It offers a new experience, with current entertainment redesigned through culture, creativity, and technology!

  • A Space that Stimulates the Curiosity and Creativity of Children

  • “PuChu!” is an area on the fourth floor for parents and children. This is an interior kids park produced by creative director Kenji Kohashi, and is a place where you can play as you improve your curiosity and creativity. You can become a space explorer in this play space, under the motif of seven different stars, each with their own theme.

  • A Sports Court for the Latest Activities

    On the top floor you will find the Multi Sports Court, which is a sports area with both futsal and basketball courts. You can not only rent out the entire court, there are also sports events such as bubble soccer and archery hunts, as well as lessons taught by former pro baseball players and other top athletes! It is a space for not just major sports, but any of the newest activities as well.

  • Experience the Latest Technology on the Event Floor

    ALE-BOX on the second floor is a permanent event space for hand picked entertainment experience select shops. It is scheduled to constantly have several exhibits, such as escape games, VR, and other experience-based exhibits. Upon opening, they are also going to hold ‟Unko Museum Yokohama”, a collaborative experience based event with Omoshiro Hojin Kayak.

  • Over 200 Types of Workshop

    MONOTORY on the third floor is one of the largest hand made craft spaces in the country, where you can have fun at a craft workshop any day of the week. Over 200 types of workshops across 20 genres, including ceramics, accessories, leather craft, candle making, herbarium, embroidering, metal carving, welding, and more, will be held. A hand made materials shop is also scheduled to be opened inside.

  • Popular Restaurants at the Gourmet Street

    On the first floor is ‟POST STREET Yokohama Station East Entrance”, a gourmet street lined with 18 restaurants. It has popular Japanese restaurants, including ramen, sushi, and more. There is a performance stage on one corner of the floor, where you can listen to live music as you eat.

  • The More Mature Amusement Park Lounge

    On basement floor one is the PITCH CLUB, a place built for more mature adults. It is a luxurious space decorated with various pieces of art, where you can drink cocktails made by the best bartenders in Japan and wine made in Yokohama. Inside of this facility, you can play classics like billiards and darts, as well as new games combining art and technology unique to PITCH CLUB.

    It is an entertainment facility that offers various fun experiences to everyone from couples to families. It is a great place to stop if you are in the area.

  • ASOBUILD Business hours

    Main Building hours: 10:00-22:00 (Times differ by floor)
    RF business hours: 7:00-23:00
    4F business hours: Scheduled to open in May*
    3F business hours: 10:00-22:00
    2F business hours: 10:00-22:00
    1F business hours: 7:00-5:00 of the next day
    B1F business hours: 18:00-00:00 (until 4:00 on Fridays, Saturdays, and the day before national holidays)
    *Business times and last order times differ by restaurant. Please see the URL below for details.


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