The Star Festival 2019 held on  May 18 (Sat) 8 am to May 19 (Sun) 5 pm

The Star Festival 2019 held on May 18 (Sat) 8 am to May 19 (Sun) 5 pm


The Star Festival is returning to STIHL® Forest Kyoto

  • Festivals are a crucial part of today’s club culture. A DJ that performs at Awakenings in Amsterdam or MOVEMENT in Detroit is bound to become a star. Coachella - the iconic US mega festival - has recently been booking more and more underground DJs and producers. Today, all artists - regardless of fame or status - strive to perform at festivals.

    Festivals, however, come in various sizes. At the largest festivals, the artists on stage look like grains of rice. The Star Festival held at STIHL® Forest Kyoto is neither too large or too small. The entire area can be seen from where you stand, but there’s enough room for you to have some personal space. Many club fans love the atmosphere of festivals in Japan, and this one is no exception. Held before summer in the Kansai area, The Star Festival is gathering a lot of attention. The lineup is cutting-edge, with German heavyweight Marcel Dettmann and the new star Or:la from the UK scheduled to perform this year. Many more artists are to be announced soon - stay tuned!

    May 18 (Sat) 8 am to May 19 (Sun) 5 pm (all night event)
    Location: STIHL® Forest Kyoto (25-banchi, Amawaka Uenotokoro, Hiyoshi-cho, Nantan-shi, Kyoto; Postal code: 629-0334)
    Tickets: CN playguide 0570-08-9999; RA
    Festival guidelines:


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