Mild Bunch presents Goodbye Heisei Golden Speciall: The Avalanches DJ Set at Shibuya


Mild Bunch presents the last party of the Heisei era. Australian geniuses The Avalanches will perform a DJ set.

  • Mild Bunch - a party organized by multi-faceted Japanese artist Kunichi Nomura - will be held right at the beginning of this year’s ten-day Golden Week holiday. At last December’s edition, Louis Vuitton’s new artistic director, Virgil Abloh, appeared on stage for a full-blown frenzy. Rest assured, this time around will be special as well.

    The guest of the night will be The Avalanches - the Australian group that rose to stardom with its 2000 release ‘Frontier Psychiatrist.’ Their album ‘Since I Left You,’ in which they create humorous songs using the distinctly hip hop approach of diverse sampling, was widely accepted even in the mainstream world. In 2016, after a long hiatus, they released ‘Wildflower.’ In this album, they featured top-rated guest vocalists and demonstrated their ability to meld various styles, as well as their ability to rock a crowd. Their talent as a band is highlighted more often, but their core is still in the art of DJing.

    Another hectic Mild Bunch is in the works.

    April 26 (Fri)
    @ Contact Tokyo
    OPEN 22:00
    BEFORE 11PM ¥1000
    UNDER 23 ¥1000
    GH S MEMBERS ¥2500 
    W/F ¥3000 DOOR ¥3500
    Event details:




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