Namiai Park, a sacred spot for stargazing at 1,200 meters


Namiai Park is perfectly situated for stargazing, among the mountains at an elevation of 1,200 meters.
Why not take a relaxed look at the starry sky, surrounded by nature?

  • About Namiai Park

    Namiai Park, which opened on July 7th, 2018, is a facility perfectly positioned for admiring the stars, among the mountains at an elevation of 1,200 meters.
    From April 2019, new contents will be added to allow visitors to quietly observe the night sky at leisure.

    Every night, we offer “Stargazing Parties”, and allow you to engage in astronomical observation and night sky photography in a safe and comfortable environment with our “Starry Sky Decks”. In addition, we offer a selection of facilities such as floating hammocks, bonfires, and deckchairs which allow you to relax as you admire the starry sky.

  • Event details

    【Stargazing Party】
    Stargazing parties are held every evening.
    Enjoy a guided tour through the starry sky.

    Adults and high school students: ¥1,000 Elementary and middle school students: ¥500 Below school age: free
    * There is a 30% discount for the elderly and a 50% discount for disabled individuals.
    19:00–20:00 Ticket sales and reception
    20:00–20:45 Stargazing party
    20:45–22:00 Free time

    Capacity: 100 people
    Reservations: Advance reservation is available
    * It is possible to come on the day without a reservation, but as capacity is limited, advance
    reservation is recommended.

    【Starry Sky Deck】
    A safe and comfortable private space, where you can engage in astronomical observation and night sky photography until the morning.

    Regular plan: ¥5,000 All night plan: ¥10,000

    Capacity: 1 to 4 people per deck
    Time slot: Regular plan: 18:00–0:00 All night plan: 18:00–6:00 the following day
    * Last entry is at 22:00.
    Reservations: Advance reservation is required

    * The new contents will be revealed shortly.
    * The prices are accurate as of April 2019, but may be subject to change.

  • Achi’s Starry Sky

    The village of Achi was chosen as number one in the Ministry of the Environment Star Watching Network’s ranking of the best stargazing spots in 2006.
    Why not enjoy the starry sky to your heart’s content, in one of the country’s leading star observation points?

  • <Contact details>

    Name: NAMIAI Starry Sky Park
    Address: 1192-356 Namiai, Achi-mura, Shimoina-gun, Nagano 395-0501
    TEL: 0265-48-8555
    FAX: 0265-48-8511




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