Alien Rain and Psyk at Liquid Drop Groove “3rd Anniversary” June 15 (SAT) at VENT Omotesando

Alien Rain and Psyk at Liquid Drop Groove “3rd Anniversary” June 15 (SAT) at VENT Omotesando


Two impotent figures within the underground techno world, Alien Rain and Psyk will be double heading at Liquid Deep Groove's 3rd anniversary party!

  • Head of the Do Not Resist the Beat label and prominent Berlin techno artist Milton Bradley’s pseudonym/acid techno project Alien Rain, and one of Luke Slater, Oscar Mulero, Robert Hood's favorite artist and integral figure in the current techno scene Psyk will be teaming up for a double header on June 15th to celebrate Liquid Drop Groove's 3rd year anniversary, only at Omotesando VENT!

  • Born and raised in Berlin during the time Berlin was transitioning into the capital of techno music that it is, Milton Bradley used his experience through this epoch come up with a unique sound. After setting up his Do Not Resist the Beat label, he went on to release for labels like Prologue, Zooloft, and Ann Aimee among others, promptly creating a reputation for himself as a cutting-edge producer within the scene. Alien Rain is the name of the acid sound-inspired project that Milton Bradley has taken on, releasing works earlier this year through Ellen Allien's UFO Inc. label.

  • Psyk is a DJ/Producer based in Madrid and Berlin, who has released works on stable labels like Mote-Evolver, Semantica, and Tresor. He also started and runs his own Non Series label, and is one of the most popular DJs in the scene who has a lot of influence. A craftsman to the core, he has a refined touch, when it comes to his creative process, delicately adding melancholy and energy to his work, and this has gained him a lot of accolades from top artists like Luke Slater, Len Faki, and DVS1.

    We are gearing up to celebrate Liquid Drop Groove's third year anniversary. The techno label ran by YUTA officially kicked off in September of 2016, with a special broadcast on DOMMUNE of the kickoff party that was being held on Hachijojima. Liquid Drop Groove aims to create a sound and space that creates a huge ripple when a droplet of water makes contact with the surface of water.

    - Alien Rain and Psyk at Liquid Drop Groove “3rd Anniversary” -
    DATE : 6/15 (SAT)
    OPEN : 23:00
    DOOR : ¥3,500 / FB discount : ¥3,000

    =ROOM 1=
    Alien Rain aka Milton Bradley
    Psyk (Non Series / Mote-Evolver / Semantica)
    Wata Igarashi (Midgar / The Bunker NY) -LIVE SETYUTA
    (Liquid Drop Groove / Landscape)
    VJ Naoto Tsujita



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