KYOTO MIRAI MATSURI 2019, Technology and Art Entertainment Events.

KYOTO MIRAI MATSURI 2019, Technology and Art Entertainment Events.


KYOTO MIRAI MATSURI 2019 will offer you various attractions that can be enjoyed regardless of your nationality, gender or age. Come witness the latest entertainment offered at the most historical theatre in Japan!

  • At the “OTOMATSURI” (“Sound Festival”), staged during the first half of the“KYOTO MIRAI MATSURI 2019”, various artists and musicians will make their first appearance on the stage of the Minamiza Theatre in Kyoto.

    On April 30th, which will be memorable as the last day of the “Heisei” era in Japan, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, known worldwide as the symbol of Kawaii and Japanese POP culture, will stage a special live performance for just one day as Part 2 of the “Oto no Kuni Live Tour 2019”. As the Minamiza Theatre is the oldest kabuki theatre located at the birthplace of kabuki, she will present a special show adopting kabuki’s style.

    On May 1st, which will be the first day of a brand-new “Reiwa” era marking the new Emperor’s accession to the throne, BiSH, recently boomed in popularity as the “idol punk band that uses no instruments” will appear.

    May 3rd’s matinee will be a performance by the professional storyteller, Matsunojō Kanda. The evening show is a very special live concert by the two leading Japanese techno music groups, m-flo and Capsule.
    May 4th, you will witness artists and musicians from different genres collaborate to illustrate the theme, “Japan”. One of the top Japanese DJs, DAISHI DANCE, and the unique Japanese instrumental band, →Pia-no-jaC←, will appear. Additional performers are expected, so do look out for the upcoming announcements!

  • From May 12th to May 25th, the day will be divided into two different events called the “HIRUMATSURI” (“Daytime Festival”) and the “YORUMATSURI” (“Nighttime Festival”), where you can feel a totally different festive ambiance depending on the time of day.
    After removing audience’s seats, unique stage machinery that flattens the stage and the seating area (making them the same level) was newly installed as part of the refurbishment of the Minamiza Theatre that was completed in November 2018. The “HIRUMATSURI” and “YORUMATSURI” will be the very first time this unique stage machinery will be utilized.

    At “YORUMATSURI”, Minamiza Theatre will turn into a hot night spot for the very first time. A DJ booth will be installed in front of the waterfall created by NAKED Inc., the lights will be dimmed, and the theatre will be filled with music played by the DJs. As well as “HIRUMATSURI”, you can continue to enjoy eating, drinking, and playing at the futuristic festival stalls, but this time in a quality, classy ambiance.

    During the period, you can also try “Kabuki body-painting”, created with the cooperation of Mitsuyoshi Co. Ltd. Using real kabuki cosmetics, you can experience face/body painting with designs based on kabuki’s traditional “kumadori” makeup worn by actors particularly when performing in the bold and bombastic “aragoto” acting style.

    In both “HIRUMATSURI” and “YORUMATSURI”, you can enjoy HYPER ENNICHI BY NAKED (digital “Ennichi” Festival Stalls), an interactive digital exhibition created by Naked Inc.
    There will be familiar Japanese festival stalls, but presented with the cutting-edge digital technology.

    “Kyoto Mirai Matsuri 2019” commemorating the opening of Minamiza Shin Opening
    ・ April 30 (Tuesday)-May 5 (Sunday) “Sound Matsuri-OTOMATSURI-”
    Performed as a luxury artist. Announced one by one.

    ・ May 12 (Sun)-May 25 (Saturday) “Night Matsuri-YORUMATS URI-”
    Opening night “Monthly” Opening hours Mon-Thu 18: 30-22: 00 (scheduled), admission fee (including tax) ¥ 2,000, Friday / Sunday 18: 30-23: 00, admission fee (including tax) ¥ 3,000


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