Mission: Sakura raises the bar on outdoor scavenger games

Mission: Sakura raises the bar on outdoor scavenger games


Look for clues and solve puzzles around the exciting and historic Asakusa area at night.

  • Play games while walking around Asakusa

    This year Escape Game NAZOBAKO Tokyo released for the first time ever its Hidden Secrets Journey scavenger hunt game to the public. Mission: Sakura takes players on a journey to retrieve the lost objects of the wind god Fujin, who needs them in order to save spring.

    There is no time limit and players are encouraged to relax and have fun. Grab a beer on the way, or take a walk down a cool sidestreet. While you can play anytime, this is a great way to see Asakusa at night–under the paper lanterns of Sensoji and the glittering lights of Sky Tree.

  • Details

    How to get: Order online in advance and pick it up at our facility, or pay on-the-day at our facility
    Price: ¥3,300 per kit (¥3,000 online)
    Access: NAZOBAKO Tokyo 1-10-5 KN Bldg. 6F Asakusa, Taito
    Contact: www.nazobako.jp or call us at 03-6231-6621 (English available)
    Youtube video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQ8IvZZNaDw


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