Adjacent to Everyday - anno lab exhibition at Fukuoka

Adjacent to Everyday - anno lab exhibition at Fukuoka


“anno lab,” a creative collective based in Fukuoka, is producing media that is all about fun.

  • “anno lab” is a creative collective based in Fukuoka that creates interactive art. They bring new experiences into the world that focus on fun, using various methods of expression such as video, design, and events.

    In recent years, they have given birth to the “Wall of Discovery” (a wall of illustrations that respond to touch) and “Cry Art” (a canvas on which an artistic creature appears when you imitate its “cry” into a microphone that looks like a voice pipe).

    In this exhibition, “Adjacent to Everyday,” everyday processes - such as “noticing” and “seeking” - can be experienced. Come see what the collective - whose motto is “to create the most enjoyable city in the world” - has to offer.

    Adjacent to Everyday @ Art Gallery Artium, Fukuoka
    April 27 (Sat) to June 2 (Sun)
    Hours: 10 am to 8 pm
    Closed on May 21 (Tue)

    Adults: 400 yen / Students: 300 yen
    High school students and younger are free.
    Any person with a handicap and one caregiver are free.

    Art Gallery Artium
    Tenjin 1-7-11, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, Ims 8F
    Phone: 092-733-2050


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