Marco Shuttle & Tensal “MIND OFF” 5th Anniversary at nightclub VENT Omotesando

Marco Shuttle & Tensal “MIND OFF” 5th Anniversary at nightclub VENT Omotesando


VENT is proud to host the fifth year anniversary of the ever-popular techno party, Mind Off, featuring Marco Shuttle and Tensal!

  • (Updated 8/28/2019)
    One of Vent’s most happening parties, Mind Off, is celebrating their 5th Anniversary this month. In the past they have featured highly talented artists like Oscar Mulero, Scuba, Tobias, Pig&Dan, Alex Bau, Kanding Ray, and Jonas Kopp to name a few.

  • Marco Shuttle holds an almost godly status within the scene, having performed at many prestigious clubs like Berghain as well as one of the top festivals in Japan called Labyrinth.He has always achieved a lot with a little, and that is the singular aesthetic that stands him apart.
    His cinematic techno sounds are unusually organic: they build pressure in subtle ways and his meticulous grooves never fail to take listeners on a trip to somewhere new and exciting.
    As a result of this, he has become a firm favourite amongst the techno cognoscenti and has released on some of the most revered labels of the day, from famed New York club The Bunker’s new label to Peter Van Hoesen’s untouchable Time To Express via Clone SOS and his regular home, Eerie Records and lately on fellow Italians Dozzy’s and Neel’s new label, Spazio Disponibile.

  • Tensal is a new endeavor taken on by Héctor Sandoval, one half of Exium, who has dropped over 100 releases in the past 20 years. Tensal is not only his stage/project name, but also the name of his label.
    Focusing on more modern techno while incorporating vintage synths, he has released many works that have made him a mainstay within the underground techno scene, where his tracks are notoriously used.
    His DJ sets cycle through numerous textures and materials with brilliance, crossing over many elements of techno, that mesmerizes every crowd.

    And of course, from the Mind Off front, the usual suspects, Dani Savant,and Stefano Lotti, who’s alias Fragmentor has been recently pounding the dance floor at Mind Off. The stylish visuals will this time be produced again by VJ100LDK. The lineup for Room 2 includes Indigo Tribe’s eRee and ME:CA, as well as Jaime Forson and You Forgot who are very well known for rocking every dance floor. Come celebrate 5 whole years of epic partying at Mind Off's fifth anniversary extravaganza!

    - Marco Shuttle & Tensal at Mind Off 5th Anniversary -
    DATE : 5/24 (FRI)
    OPEN : 23:00
    DOOR : ¥4,000 / FB discount : ¥3,500

    Marco Shuttle (Eerie / Spazio Disponibile)
    Tensal (PoleGroup / Falling Ethics)
    Stefano Lotti (Equilibrium Lab)
    Dani Savant (Mind Off / Re:invent)
    VJ 100LDK
    Jaime Forson
    You Forgot



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