The  Popular Night Scenery Event, “CITY LIGHT FANTASIA BY NAKED” Comes to Yokohama Lanmark Tower

The Popular Night Scenery Event, “CITY LIGHT FANTASIA BY NAKED” Comes to Yokohama Lanmark Tower


“CITY LIGHT FANTASIA BY NAKED -NEW WORLD-”, the evening scenery event made possible by a total of 1 million people working on their NAKED project, is being held in the sky garden on the 69th floor of the Yokohama Landmark Tower until August 31 (Sat.).

  • A new night entertainment spot is born in Minato Mirai, Yokohama

    “CITY LIGHT FANTASIA BY NAKED” is a popular night scenery event that began in 2014, and is planned, executed, and produced by the creative company, NAKED.

    A new form of entertainment, a new type of experience has been created by combining the scenery of the observation platform with a projection mapping performance.
    It has been performed in towers and observatories nation wide, such as Tokyo Tower, Abenoharukas, and the Nagoya TV Tower, using the special characteristics of each area to create a new night entertainment spot.
    They have created new performances to express a new world with every season and theme, using the help of a total of 1 million individuals.

    They have made their preparations and are making their Yokohama debut.
    Their theme is “NEW WORLD”. They fuse a fictional futuristic city with Yokohama's evening scenery using projection mapping, for a completely new way to experience Yokohama.

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    ■About NAKED Inc.
    NAKED is a creative company established in 1997 by Ryotaro Muramatsu, with the help of a collection of visual directors, designers, CG directors, and writers. It continues to conduct a variety of creative work, including movies, advertising, TV, and installations, regardless of medium or genre. Further, in recent years, it has worked using projection mapping to create new techniques, works of art, performances, and new spaces using light performance. At present, they are working on the planning, performance, and production of their own events and shows with a total of 250,000 individuals.

    NAKED Inc. Official Website:
    NAKED Inc. Twitter Account: @NAKED_STAFF
    NAKED Inc. Instagram Account: @naked_inc


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