Shaun Reeves is first performance in Japan at nightclub VENT Omotesando, to be held on July 6th!

Shaun Reeves is first performance in Japan at nightclub VENT Omotesando, to be held on July 6th!


A trusted ally of Ricardo Villalobos and Seth Troxler, and founder of Visionquest, Shaun Reeves will be performing for the first time in Japan, at nightclub VENT Omotesando!

  • (Updated 9/5/2019)
    Ever since its establishment, the always-on-the-cutting-edge label Visionquest has been a consistent provider of strange and spaced-out tunes within the dance music underground. Now, the founder, Shaun Reeves, will be coming to Japan for his much awaited first performance at nightclub VENT's “inipi” party, to be held on July 6th!

    Shaun is a DJ, producer, and label owner who has some deep connections with notable artists like Ricardo Villalobos and Seth Troxler, and has made himself known as a highly credible individual within the scene. Hailing from outside of Detroit Michigan, he grew up with a daily dose of house and techno. In his formative teenage years Shaun moved to Detroit and along with some friends began organizing small club nights and warehouse parties - kicking off what was to become a career in music.

    After becoming deeply involved in the Detroit scene, Shaun became strongly influenced by more minimal sounds like those of Daniel Bell, Magda, and Perlon's Zip. Taking this as influence as a reason to find new inspiration, in the summer of 2004 he visit Berlin on holiday and 10 years later he would be a resident of the city.

    For the past decade, Shaun has been traveling and touring the world over both as a solo act and as part of Visionquest, playing at notable venues like Panorama Bar, Fabric, DC10, and Robert Johnson to name a few, gaining fans along the way. From American house music to cutting-edge post-minimal, and more recently tech-house, Shaun manages to masterfully fuse these styles into one another, gaining the love and respect of both artists and fans.

    “Inipi”, the party that will be hosting Shaun Reeve's first ever performance in Japan, has been sounding the warning bells for Japan's commercial underground, taking into account the scene's future, a new standard will be set for timetables and entrance fees. The overlying concept is, that in the crazy hustle and bustle of Tokyo city-life, there needs to be more places where people can be themselves and cut loose, a place where people can freely enjoy and dance to music they like and admire art installations and whatnot that isn't completely subterranean. This is the first introduction to Visionquest in Japan, and we believe this will be an important night for the Japanese dance music scene. So we invite you to take part and make history!

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    - inipi feat. VISIONQUEST -
    DATE : 7/6 (SAT)
    OPEN : 23:00
    DOOR : ¥2,000

    Shaun Reeves ( VISIONQUEST )
    Chida ( Ene / Mascaras / inipi )
    Mu Raki ( inipi )
    Timothy Really Lab. ( Ngton, Sisi, Tosi, kon, y. ) -3hours set-
    Tomomi ( is-ness / moov ) -3hours set-


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