Tokyo's nightclub VENT's 3rd year anniversary party! Circle of Live, performing for the first time in Japan!


We are excited to announce that Sebastian Mullaert's live improv project, Circle of Live, will be making its Japan debut performance at day 1 of VENT's 3rd year anniversary party!

  • (Updated 9/24/2019)
    Since its incept, Omotesando VENT has made some serious waves in the Tokyo club scene with its state-of-the-art, made in Japan, sound system and its consistent booking of only the dopest acts from around the world. We've locked in both August 17th and 24th to celebrate our third anniversary, so come party with us! On day 1, August 17th, we will have Sebastian Mullaert, of Minilogue fame, and his live improv project, Circle of Live, performing for the first time in Japan!

  • Last year Sebastian perfumed solo, mesmerizing the audience all night long with a superb 7-hour set. This will be his comeback performance, but this time under a new guise as the much-talked-about live improv project with Matt Karmil and Johanna Knutsson, to celebrate VENT's third year anniversary!

  • Circle of Live, as a concept, is essentially an electronic music jam band that gets together on an irregular basis to perform improvisational live sets, and aside from Sebastian Mullaert, all other members kind of flow in and out, as they please.

  • Johanna Knutsson, who participated in their first session, remarked that it was as if musicians were having a conversation through their music.
    Sebastian, who loves Zen by the way, tries to incorporate a natural flow to his style of music.

    Johanna Knutsson, one of the leading artists signed to Berlin's Klasse Recordings, who has also released works for Smalltown Supersound to high regards, and Matt Karmil, who has received the support of DJ Koze, will be collaborating alongside Sebastian Mullaert at this Circle of Live performance, to celebrate VENT's third anniversary - do not miss this!

    - VENT 3nd Anniversary: Day 1 Feat. Circle Of Live -
    DATE : 8/17 (SAT)
    OPEN : 23:00
    DOOR : ¥4,000 / FB discount : ¥3,500

    ※Better to get the advance ticket quickly!
    We don't have same day ticket after the advance ticket got sold out. Any other discount will also be invalid.

    Circle Of Live (Sebastian Mullaert, Johanna Knutsson, Matt Karmil)
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