Andrew Weatherall, who has had a profound impact on contemporary pop music come play for VENT Omotesando!


The man! The legend! Andrew Weatherall will be performing an open to close set at day 2 of VENT’s 3-year anniversary party!

  • Since its incept, Omotesando VENT has made some serious waves in the Tokyo club scene with its state-of-the-art, made in Japan, sound system and its consistent booking of only the freshest acts from around the world. We've locked in both August 17th and 24th to celebrate our third anniversary, so come party with us! On day 2, August 24th, we will have Andrew Weatherall, who has had a profound impact on contemporary pop music come play for us from open to close!

    Few artists have influenced such a diverse range of musical genres as Andrew Weatherall. Since his teenage years, he has been devoted to pop culture, becoming almost obsessed with its music, fashion, books, and movies. His musical talents has gotten him involved in the production and/or remixing of a plethora of legendary artists, such as New Order, My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream, Paul Weller, Noel Gallagher, and Happy Mondays. Furthermore, Andrew Weatherall was one of the first people to discover great talents like Underworld and The Chemical Brothers, before they debuted.

    As an avid vinyl-lover, Andrew has a record collection that spans many genres that he loves to incorporate into his DJ sets. From rockabilly to techno, for Andrew there is not barrier dividing genres, music is music and what fits will fit. We are looking forward to celebrating VENT's third year of existence with a true innovator who has been responsible for kicking off a number of revolutions within the music industry!

    - VENT 3nd Anniversary: Day 2 Feat. Andrew Weatherall -
    DATE : 8/24 (SAT)
    OPEN : 23:00
    DOOR : ¥4,500
    ※When the advance tickets will be sold out, we won’t sell the door tickets.

    Andrew Weatherall
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