Night aquarium held in Tokyo, drink Japanese sake and enjoy a DJ party

Night aquarium held in Tokyo, drink Japanese sake and enjoy a DJ party


This year again, live performances by the hottest DJs, young geisha of Gion, Kyoto, popular theater performance of a courtesan show, and so on Many special stages that usually can’t be seen are planned.
Enjoy the experience as you wander into the brilliant world of a geisha quarter during the Edo period.


    Another side of “ART AQUARIUM”, “NIGHT AQUARIUM” starts every evening at 7:00 PM.The daytime exhibition undergoes a complete transformation, as the lighting and sound direction change over to night mode.

    Inside the venue, you can take your time and enjoy the displays at your leisure, with a Dassai (the sake presented by Prime Minister Abe to President Obama on the occasion of his visit to Japan)or our original kingyo cocktail in hand.
    At “NIGHT AQUARIUM”, you can also enjoy the traditional arts of Japan, as well as special performances of a sort that cannot be seen on a regular basis.
    Top DJs and artists from Japan and beyond participate on weekends, as the venue transforms into a cutting-edge club lounge.

  • “ART AQUARIUM” has birthed a kind of ‘ecological art’ that is the only example of its kind, not only in Japan, but in the world. It has been supported by 9.45 million people.
    No matter your nationality, gender, or age, we invite you to experience a creative space that brings together in perfect harmony the traditional culture of Japan and the latest in music, when the “ART AQUARIUM” space turns into an entertainment space in the form of “NIGHT AQUARIUM”.

  • DASSAI (japanese sake) NIGHT

    Every Thursday, how about spending relaxing refined night with the beautiful kingyo and prestige Japanese sake “Dassai” which is popular at Tokyo Nihonbashi’s “NIGHT AQUARIUM” ?

    “Dassai” from Yamaguchi prefecture is Japanese sake which is very famous among Japanese sake lovers. One of their sake, “Dassai 23”, with its rice milling of 23% which is the highest milling of all commercial sake has been received very well around the world.
    It has gorgeous aroma of melons and peaches, and elegant long finish.

    At the Dassai bar in the venue, you can enjoy Dassai such as “Dassai Sparkling”.
    For more details about Dassai, please check their official website of Facebook page.

    Dassai Official site:
    Facebook page:


    Sundays to Fridays (excluding days before national holidays) during this period, we create a sophisticated, comfortable, ‘LOUNGE STYLE’ space where you can enjoy a drink while viewing art at a relaxed pace, with an original ART AQUARIUM soundtrack in the background.

    We offer drinks including NIGHT ARUARIUM’s ‘exclusive kingyo cocktail’, as well as “DASSAI” sake, mojitos. and beer.


    ECO EDO Nihonbashi
    ART AQUARIUM 2019 Edo, Coolness of Kingyo & Night Aquarium

    Period:July 5, 2019 (fri) – September 23 (mon) / Open throughout the period
    Opening Hours:Sun – Fridays/11:00 AM – 10:30 PM (Last entrance 10:00 PM)
    Saturdays & days prior to Japanese national holiday/11:00 AM – 11:30 PM (Last entrance 11:00 PM)
    Art Aquarium 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM   
    Night Aquarium is from 7:00 PM
    Venue:Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall(5F, COREDO Muromachi 1 [The entrance is on 4F], 2-2-1 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuou-ku, Tokyo)

    Entrance Fee at the door (Tax incld.)
    General: 1,000yen (13 years old and older)
    Child: 600yen (4 years old to 12 years old)
    Under the age of 3: free of charge
    * Child, 12 years old and younger, needs to be accompanied by a guardian.

    For more details, please visit this official website


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