House on the Sky - Eclectic Music Night with Tokyo’s latest talents!

House on the Sky - Eclectic Music Night with Tokyo’s latest talents!



  • Music Producer SKYTOPIA guides you to the Inspiring Nightlife of Tokyo .

    Hi! My name is Ken, and I am a music producer and an event organizer based in Tokyo. I go by the name SKYTOPIA when I make music and I mix Japanese rap with colorful aesthetics and catchy melodies to create a unique world. Music has been a life-long passion for me and I was lucky enough to have grown up in three of the most inspirational cities: London, Berlin and Tokyo. I have learned a lot from each scene, and, now, here in Tokyo, I want to use all the experiences to create events that make people connect, get inspired and simply, have good times.

  • #家onclouds ; Event with No Boundaries.

    The event is called #家onclouds, which goes together quite well with the name of my musical project, SKYTOPIA given the sky association.
    家 means “house” (pronounced “ie”), and represents the fact that it’s a friendly, homey and comfortable vibe that welcomes anyone. The “onclouds” bit represents an aim to create a dreamy, other-worldly atmosphere.
    My nights are pretty eclectic: I noticed that in Tokyo, events tend to be pretty defined, operating within common boundaries such as “live concerts” and “club events” typically with a strong association to a rigid scene. So you do often end up seeing the same set of indie bands, rappers or DJs across different venues and events. I wanted break these boundaries a little bit - after all, narrowing it down too much doesn’t do justice to the wide range of talents in Tokyo, and so I every time, I invite bands, live acts, DJs and visual artists to take part.

  • Wanna Join our Party?!

    The first #家onclouds took place in May this year at Spincoaster Music
    Bar, featuring artists such as ONJUICY, the grime and bass music rapper and Yoshino Yoshikawa, the chip-tune influenced electronic producer. Vol.2 happened in August at Galaxy Gingakei, featuring singers xiangyu (electro / gqom) and Simonger Mobile (Funk pop played through Nintendo DS), as well as live painting by Hirame Fujiwara.
    We’ve recently announced vol.3, taking place on the 14th September at Kagurane, featuring the reggae singer Natsu Summer, the electro rap pop act Lililips, my own project SKYTOPIA, and many more! Want to check this place out with a local? Visit

    09.14 (Sat) 18:45~
    @ Kagurane (near Kagurazaka Station)
    Advanced: ¥1,500 + drink Door: ¥2,000 + drink

    Chris Baluyut
    Gyunyu no Tamashi
    Natsu Summer
    SKYTOPIA feat. ada & kanade

    DJ: has, methyl VJ: CHIHIRÖ


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