Techno unit Karenn and will be making their performing for the first time in Asia at nightclub VENT Omotesando


Blawan and Pariah have combined forces to form the live techno unit Karenn and will be making their performing for the first time in Asia at Elephant, to be held at nightclub VENT Omotesando on October 4th! You can surely expect this super-dup to drop hard hitting improvisational sounds delivered directly from a plethora of hardware - it's a sight to behold!

  • Karenn was formed in 2011 by Blawan and Pariah - both renown for dropping iconic smash hits in the UK post-dubstep scene at the time - are based in London and have produced three works so far for the Works the Long Nights print, as well a split single for The Analogue Cops.

    Although they took a break in releasing under the Karenn moniker in 2014 with “Untitled”, they have been continuously and aggressively touring as Karenn. Both members have been doing the solo thing in the meantime, with Blawan releasing his first solo album “Wet Will Always Dry” on his own Ternesc label, and Pariah releasing his first album “Here from Where Are We” on Fabric's Houndstooth print, also in 2018. This duo founded Voam, and have released their first album in five year “Kind of Green”.

    The party featuring Karenn this time around is Elephant, which was resurrected after seven long years in 2017 - up to know the party has brought over acts like Conforce, Von Grall, ASC, and Blawan. We are really excited to have Karenn - a duo that one can only really witness through Boiler Room and similar mediums - their first gig in Japan will surely be a massive one, dropping heavy sounds, typical of Elephant, sending shockwaves throughout VENT's dance floor. Do not miss this!

  • <Details>
    - Karenn at Elephant -
    DATE : 10/04 (FRI)
    OPEN : 23:00
    DOOR : ¥3,500 / FB discount : ¥3,000

    KARENN - Live - (VOAM)
    BANTER (Audio & Visual Live Set - Moss / Sith)
    Sakuma (Modest)
    Chie Nakajima (INTENTION / System Kong)
    tamaru (Huit Etoiles / cha cha cha)
    Neon Noir (Revolt)
    Ken K





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