Where to Eat in Kyoto

Where to Eat in Kyoto

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Being one of the top destinations in Japan, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Kyoto has an abundance of great restaurants and dining establishments. Here are a some of our favorites.

  • Giro Giro

    Interesting restaurant that serves a fusion of “Kaiseki ryori”, Japanese course dinner, and French modern cuisine. The chef calls this style “punk kaiseki”, and we can see why – it’s an interesting mix between new and old, with a few edgy details thrown into the mix. The restaurant itself is located in a cozy Japanese wooden house with windows facing the Takesagawa Canal.
    If you’re lucky you might be able to walk in and get a table, but we highly recommend booking in advance – especially if you want one of the desirable counter seats where you can have a chat with the chefs. Giro Giro (sometimes transliterated “Guilo Guilo”) also has branches in Paris, Hawaii and in the Kagurazaka neighborhood in Tokyo.

    Giro Giro
  • Muraji

    This ramen restaurant is located on the second floor of an unassuming wooden house next to Shirakawa-dori in northern Gion. Their signature dish is noodles topped with plenty of sliced lemon. According to the menu, this was invented by the owner, as a healthy alternative to the more traditional kinds of Ramen. The stock is chicken-based and not at all as greasy as pork-based ramen. Apart from the enjoyment brought by enjoying a bowl of Ramen without having to worry too much about it expanding your waist, it also tastes really good.

  • Len

    This fashionable guesthouse has a bar and restaurant on the bottom floor that is well worth visiting even if you have your accommodation sorted out elsewhere. They serve great small dishes such as vegetable gratins, roast beef bowls and the biggest sushi balls we’ve ever seen.
    It’s also one of the better places to go for late night drinks, as they serve some excellent craft beers, some from local breweries.

  • Wakashiro

    Charming little restaurant serving traditional Japanese teishoku meals in a newly renovated wooden house. Their lunch sets for around 1,000 yen are a great bang for your buck. We liked the high quality of the slices of sashimi that was part of the menu on the day that we visited. Good selection of Japanese Sake, and very friendly staff that will be happy to help you make a good selection based on your food preferences.

  • Kappa

    This charming Izakaya is located in Gion and serves great Yakitori and Sushi for very reasonable prices. As there are counter seats only, the chances are high that you will get into a friendly conversation with the people sitting next to you. Very foreigner friendly, as they have English menus and the staff is used to dealing with guests that don’t speak a word of Japanese.

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