Factory Night View Jungle Cruise

Factory Night View Jungle Cruise


In recent years, a boom to appreciate the factory has arrived, but there were only few places such as observation decks and highways where you can appreciate the shining night's factory. So, for factory night view scenery fans throughout the country, we prepared "Factory Night View Jungle Cruise" that you can see the night view of the Keihin Industrial Zone, one of the four major factory zones of Japan, from the canal. You can fully enjoy the beautiful light-ups of plants, tanks, warehouses, etc. which are caught along the canal. To memories of Yokohama sightseeing, to the factory night view fan, we will recommend this unusual cruise which is not elsewhere!
★ Please also check the charter plan and party plan which the date can freely choose

  • Details

    - 50 people
    **It will depend on the boat being used.

    - 90min

    Departure time
    - Jan/17:00 Feb/17:30 Mar,Apr/18:00 May/18:30 Jun,Jul/19:00 Aug/18:30 Sep/18:00 Oct/17:30 Nov/17:00 Dec/16:30
    **Departure time will change by season.
    **Parking spaces are limited, if possible, please come by public transportation.

    Fee (tax included)
    - Adult 4,600yen
    - Child (3 to 11 years old) 2,300 yen
    - Infant (0-2 years old) Per person per adult is free, from 2nd person, child fee is charged.
    **It includes Original cocktail “Flare stack” (non-alcohol beverage).

    - Reservation is required.
    - Please call us at 045-290-8377

    Payment method
    - Payment in advance by bank transfer. Please make payment after reservation is confirmed.

    Payee Account
    - Yokohama Bank Tsurumi Branch checking account 27543, KMC Corporation
    **Please transfer within 3 days of bank business day from reservation confirmed.
    **Please enter your name and cruise reservation date when transferring.
    - Example) Cruise Reservation on Oct.5th • • • • Taro Yamada 1005

    If payment by bank transfer is difficult, please contact us.

    Boarding Place
    - http://www.reservedcruise.com/e/access.html#access1

  • Notes on boarding

    - The order of boarding will be announced in order of reception. We will start accepting as soon as the ship arrives at the pier, so reception may start earlier than 15 minutes before departure time.
    - You cannot board a boat with your pets that are not in cages or carriers. (Except guide-dog)
    - If we cancel the cruise due to the influence of weather etc., in principle we will transfer it to another date. In case of cancellation due to customer's convenience, cancellation fee listed below is charged.
     - After deposit ~ 4 days before the day: 1,000 yen / per person
     - 3 days ~ 2 days before the day: Cruise fee half price (50%) / per person
     - Before the day ~ the day: Cruise fee (100%) / per person
    - It will not be possible to wait passenger’s late arrival.
    - Please note that we cannot refund any fees, even if you are unable to meet the departure time due to delay in transportation, traffic restriction on the surrounding roads or congestion.
    - We are not able to provide information regarding the traffic conditions on the day of the boarding.
    - There is a possibility of wave splashing. Those who are worried about please bring rain wear.
    - You can change the date only once, a week in advance. The change fee 1,000 yen per person will be charged for the second and subsequent times.
    - Boats to be used may change.
    - Cruise end time may be delayed.
    - Even in case of rain, we basically operate.
    - If typhoon, strong wind etc. are expected, it may be canceled. In case of cancellation, we will inform you around noon of the day.
    - Please be forewarned that cruises may be subject to interviews and shooting by TV / magazine companies. Please contact us whether shooting is scheduled or not on the day of boar


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