Creators Studio ‘OPRCT’ Open

Creators Studio ‘OPRCT’ Open


A new art space opens in Yoyogiuehara, Tokyo.

  • “OPRCT” is a coined word that comes from “oprecht”, which means “from the heart” or “authentic” in Dutch. Their mission is to become a “creators’ studio” that serves as a hub for companies and consumers with genuine creators at its center. A shooting studio boasting a wide range of situations, an event space and a live space are conveniently located under a single roof to fuel the imagination of creators involved in various forms of art such as music, photography, paintings, video and live performances.

  • In addition, a community space is provided near the entrance on the 1st floor, realizing a space where creators of various genres, companies and local citizens can interact on a daily basis. Appeared on stage for the opening event of the facility where everything from input (communication) to output (live performance) takes place at were BIGYUKI, a New York based Japanese keyboard player, and Anna Wise, an American singer songwriter best known for her co-performance with Kendrick Lamar.

  • An art space that appeared, not in Shibuya or Roppongi, but in a residential area that is Yoyogiuehara. The new idea to connect everyday life and creativity is likely to gather more attention in the near future. At least in Japan, facilities like these have been long overdue.

  • Address: 1-29-10 OPRCT Uehara, Shibuya, Tokyo


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