Creative Space “Oku-joh”

Creative Space “Oku-joh”

Food & Drink

The place where you can do anything, or nothing. A creative space that just might be too free has opened in Nishi-Nippori. At least there is food and beverage.

  • “Oku-joh” is quietly located in a residential area in Nishi-Nippori, where the atmosphere is both traditional and friendly. It is a multi-purpose space that has just opened earlier this year. “Oku-joh” is Japanese for “rooftop”, but it is not actually located on the rooftop of any building. The space that was built by reforming an old pub is actually located on the first floor of a three-story building. Unlike living rooms or bedrooms, rooftops usually don’t have a specific purpose; and that is why the naming “Oku-joh” is perfect for their concept. You can do anything there - including doing nothing. Have you ever felt a sense of disconsolate loneliness at a nightclub? You thought you were going to have a grand time at your favorite DJs gig, but somehow you only feel lonely and empty. “Oku-joh” was opened to countermeasure that lonely sense of boredom.

  • The menu is renewed every day, and they are planning to start serving beer (probably). Anyone can bring their own project to the “Oku-joh” and the planner and the “Oku-joh” staff discuss whether it’s realizable, whether the “Oku-joh” is the best place to do it and how to implement it as best as possible. A restaurant that operates for just a few days, an exhibition, a performance, a market, a workshop, a study group… “Oku-joh” awaits your visit while rapidly changing its contents. Of course, what is being carried out right now may be something entirely different from any of the above. We look forward to seeing you at the ever changing “Oku-joh”.

  • Address: 6-30-3 Nishi-Nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
    Official website:


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