Fell tha open air breeze without any windows.


    A new special floor has been revealed, in addition to Tembo Deck and Tembo Galleria.
    Enjoy the panoramic view seen through the SKYTREE℠’s dynamic steel frameworks.
    Feel the real breeze, light and sound of Tokyo that are different from seeing through the glass window.
    A dedicated guide takes you on the tour of “SKYTREE TERRACE” located 155 meters above the ground.

    2,500yen *Visitors to observation deck may join the tour by paying 1,700yen
    ■Tour length:
    Approx. 50 minutes
    ■Tour date:
    Weekdays (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and specific days)
    *See the tour calendar.
    13:00 - 15:20 - 17:40 -
    13:35 - 15:55 - 18:15 -
    14:10 - 16:30 - 18:50 -
    14:45 - 17:05 - 20:00 –
    *Tour tickets will become available for purchase 60 minutes before the start of each tour.
    ■Capacity :
    25 persons for each tour
    ■Age limit:
    6 years old and older
    ■Registration counter:
    - 4F Ticket Counter
    - 4F Fast Skytree Ticket Counter
    *Tours are provided in Japanese. Multilanguage reading guiding devices are available for international visitors.
    *We have participation requirements for your safety.
    *Tours may be cancelled due to bad weather, etc.

    In the event of a cancellation of SKYTREE TERRACE TOURS,
    STRUCTURE GUIDED TOURS will be offered for 1,000 yen.

    ■For International Visitors
    Multilanguage guiding devices that can be used during the tour are available for international visitors. There is a limit to the number of devices. If you need one, please come to the tour counter for rental application.

    Free *Guiding devices can be used only during the tour.
    English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese

  • Participation Requirements

  • We have participation requirements for your safety.

    6 years old and older
    *Children aged under 12 may join the tour only when accompanied by a person aged over 18.

    Those falling under any of the following items may not join the tour:
    - Persons under the influence of alcohol
    - Persons who need assistance in walking *There are large steps.
    - Persons whom we find it unsafe to join

    - Complete a participation consent form to ensure your compliance with safety instructions.
    - Leave all your belongings including watch, accessories, cap, etc. in the dedicated locker.
    *A camera, smartphone, or mobile phone that can be attached to the neck strap is allowed to be used during the tour.
    (Only one device allowed per person)
    - Wear a helmet and a safety vest.
    - Those wearing sandals or shoes that easily come off need to wear free rental shoes.
    - Undergo a security check before the tour.
    - No eating, drinking or smoking is allowed during the tour.
    - Tour content, schedule, etc. may be changed without prior notice due to inevitable reasons.
    - Tours may be cancelled due to bad weather, etc. such as rain, strong winds, and thunder.

  • Top image: ©TOKYO-SKYTREE


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