DINING & BAR TABLE 9 TOKYO: An adult playground

DINING & BAR TABLE 9 TOKYO: An adult playground

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On the 39th and top floor of Shinagawa Prince Hotel, the restaurant DINING & BAR TABLE 9 TOKYO is a wonderfully appealing adult playground. It is divided into nine spaces, which guests can select from depending on what they wish to enjoy. This new style of restaurant combines dining and entertainment.

The 29th and top floor of the Shinagawa Prince Hotel is an outstanding location offering views that are truly spectacular. The views that can be enjoyed from this spot some 140 meters up in the air are also rather rare, even in Shinagawa. The beautiful panoramic night views of Tokyo that are visible thanks to the height of the building, together with symbols of Japan such as Tokyo Tower and Mt. Fuji, will make your meal a more elegant experience.

  • Choose your adult-style bar & lounge based on your favorite drinks and views

    DINING & BAR TABLE 9 TOKYO is divided into nine areas offering different food, alcohol, and services. While we say “divided,” this does not mean each of these areas operates independently. Instead, imagine the top floor of the hotel as one restaurant with nine different tables, each with its own concept and view. This allows guests to first treat themselves to an aperitif in a bar with views of Tokyo Tower, then move to another spot to enjoy their main course.


  • The bar and lounge at DINING & BAR TABLE 9 TOKYO are all about enjoying a drink. Choose your preferred spot depending on the view and your favorite drinks. COCKTAIL BAR features front-on views of Tokyo Tower. Enjoy original cocktails prepared by the bartender together with views of the two tall towers in Tokyo: Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree.


    WHISKY BAR is a space with a relaxed, dignified mood where customers can enjoy rare whiskies from all over the world. It has an authentic atmosphere that is perfect for enjoying a quiet drink. The counter also offers seating with magnificent views of Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky tree on the far right.


    Designed with geometric patterns and bold curves to inspire an adult sense of fun, NINE BAR offers the best in music and a mood that is perfect for indulging in a drink or two. The mood of the bar changes dramatically every night from 9:00 to 11:45 on Tuesdays through Saturdays. The lighting and superb, feel-good tunes coming from the DJ’s turntable transform the mood into a playground for adults.

  • Dining is entertainment!! We invite you to enjoy unique dishes that are full of playful spirit

    TOKYO FUSION DINING is the main dining area at DINING & BAR TABLE 9 TOKYO, which opened as a dining entertainment spot. With high ceilings and an open, spacious interior, guests will find themselves unconcerned about the presence of the people at the next table or their conversation. The space features a show kitchen in the middle and creative Western cuisine. Both courses and à la carte dishes are available to select from.


    Other areas in DINING & BAR TABLE 9 TOKYO have also been designed to be full of personality. Offering a location, cuisine, and service that is unique to Japan, DINING & BAR TABLE 9 TOKYO can be enjoyed in many different ways. We welcome you to come and enjoy a special night in a sophisticated space.

  • Basic information for DINING & BAR TABLE 9 TOKYO

    Address: 39F, Shinagawa Prince Hotel Main Tower, 4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato Ward, Tokyo
    Tel: 03-5421-1114 (Reservations for all areas of the restaurant: 9:30 a.m.–8:00 p.m.)
    Access: About 2 minutes’ walk from Takanawa Exit, JR Shinagawa Station
    Opening Hours: 11:30 a.m.–4:00 a.m. (Opening hours vary depending the dining or bar area. Please check the official website for details)
    Closed: Open 365 days
    Official website:

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