Gaze at stunning starry skies from 730 m above ground from the Shizukuishi Galaxy Ropeway- now open

Gaze at stunning starry skies from 730 m above ground from the Shizukuishi Galaxy Ropeway- now open


At Prince Hotel Shizukuishi Ski resort, have fun stargazing on the Shizukuishi Galaxy Ropeway. The night ropeway ascends to the summit standing at an altitude of 730 m where you can take in views of spectacular starry skies, the milky way stretching above you, and plenty of shooting stars.

  • About the Shizukuishi Galaxy Ropeway

    The Shizukuishi Galaxy Ropeway is a stargazing tour that takes you up to the summit of 730 m at night.
    You can make your ascent with views of the city stretching out in front of you.
    There’s no light pollution at the summit, making it the perfect place to observe the starry night sky.
    You can even catch sight of the milky way and shooting stars.

    You’ll be accompanied by an expert star guide who will be there to tell you more about the night sky as you enjoy the stunning views.


    Winter period:Until March 31,2019 *Limited to specified dates
    Ascent 8:30P.M.
    Descent 9:00P.M.
    Night Sky Commentary 8:40P.M. to 8:55P.M.

    Summer period:April 13- October 5, 2019, October 11- 13, October 19-31, 2019
    Ascent ①8:00P.M. ②8:30P.M.  
    Descent ①8:40P.M. ②9:10P.M.  
    Night Sky Commentary ①8:15P.M.~8:35P.M.  ②8:45P.M.~9:05P.M.

    Elementary schoolers¥1,000
    Preschoolers and infants Free
    *This tour is subject to weather conditions. Operation is confirmed on the day at 5:00 p.m. Please ensure to confirm service status before participating in the tour.

    Prince Snow Resort Shizukuishi Ski Resort

  • Stay at Prince Hotel Shizukuishi

    At the adjacent Prince Hotel Shizukishi, we provide guests with accommodation packages that come with tickets for the Shizukuishi Galaxy Ropeway.
    The Shizukuishi Takakura Onsen is a popular open-air hot spring where you can watch carp swimming in front of you. Illuminated at night, it’s a great place to take a bath in a tranquil atmosphere.

    Prince Hotel Shizukuishi

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