Enjoy Night Sakura with Fine Sake“Spring Festival 2019 Iki”

Enjoy Night Sakura with Fine Sake“Spring Festival 2019 Iki”

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“Spring Festival 2019 Iki” which has been currently held in Happo-en.
On Thursday, April 4th,“Fine sake evening party” to enjoy sake from all over Japan with creative dishes tailored to each of the feature.

  • An Evening of Sake with the brewery Owner

    The very popular event,“An Evening of Sake with the brewery Owner” which is usually held in the restaurant, ENJYU,
    in Happo-en.
    Spring changes taste, and you can enjoy food and sake while watching the night cherry blossoms from the top floor of Happo-en Main Building.

    This time, we collaborate with Tamura Sake Brewery that has produced fine sake,“Kasen” to the world.
    Tamura Sake Brewery,which has been brewing since 5th year in Bunsei period (1822) at Fussa overlooking the mass of mountains lining in the west, near Tama river.

    Not to chase the quantity, they have kept the policy to produce and sell sake carefully within the reach of their eyes without any shortcuts in time and effort.
    Please enjoy Japanese sake which is made with the belief that good sake can color and enrich everyday life and life itself, with the night time sakura.

    【Evening of fine sake with the brewery owner】
    Date : Thursday, April 4, 2019
    Time : 7pm-9:30pm ※reservation required
    Place : Happo-en Main building
    Fee : 10,800yen (tax inclusive)

    Banquet Sales
    03 3441 7888 (Reception time 10am-7pm)


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