Methods and Modulations - A Warehouse Party

Methods and Modulations - A Warehouse Party


The venue is secret until the last minute! A warehouse party will be held — somewhere in Tokyo

  • Red Bull’s urban music festival “Red Bull Music Festival Tokyo 2019” will be held from Monday, April 8 to Saturday, April 20. One of the highlights of the event is a warehouse party that will be held — somewhere in Tokyo. The venue will be announced at the last minute. At a warehouse party, a sound system and some minimal lighting are brought to an otherwise vacant warehouse to transform the space into a pop-up club. We know that the sound system for the event will be JBL’s VTX series so you can count on some serious bass power and crystal clear high frequencies.

    The performers are also impressive: minimal wave / cold wave genius Marie Davidson from Montreal; Russian experimental techno producer Machine Woman; deep Tokyo techno scene activist Mari Sakurai; house, techno, indie-rock and more, multi-genre DJ Mayurashka; and former K-Pop idol turned Korean modular synth electronic music artist ‘machina’.

    The venue will be notified only to those who have purchased a ticket. Don’t miss the email that will arrive in your inbox! Additionally, check out Red Bull’s website and SNS feeds (#REDBULLFESTTYO) on the night of the event.

  • Date and time: 4/13/2019 (Sat) Open/start: 10 pm
    Location: Somewhere in Tokyo
    Admission: ¥2,000 (advance ticket)
    Featuring: machìna, Machine Woman, Mari Sakurai, Marie Davidson, Mayurashka
    ※You must be at least 20 years old to enter. Valid photo ID required.


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