Gampeki Ongakusai (music festival) held on Yamagata prefecture on May 25.

Gampeki Ongakusai (music festival) held on Yamagata prefecture on May 25.


Out of the blue, at an old quarry site in Yamagata, artists gather for a music festival held in front of a 50m tall cliff.

  • A brand new outdoor music festival called “Gampeki Ongakusai” will be held at Uriwari Sekitei Koen in Yamagata prefecture on May 25.

    The purpose of “Gampeki Ongakusai” is for attendees to discover places in Japan that have yet to be explored in the outdoor music festival scene. The first stage is at a quarry site known as an “ishikiriba.” Stonemasons used to cut pieces of stone out of these surfaces, and huge stone walls surround it. The 50m tall stone walls are already quite impressive, and adding some contemporary music and projection mapping makes it spectacular.

    The lineup includes various local and professional DJs of multiple genres, including house and techno. Needless to say, beverages will be sold, and the first 100 to arrive will also get a free plate of imoni (a potato dish), which is soul-food for Yamagatan people.

    May 25 (Sat) OPEN: 11:00, START: 12:00
    (Expected to end around 21:00)
    @Uriwari Sekitei Koen
    Akutsu, Takahata-machi, Higashi-okitama-gun, Yamagata
    Postal code: 992-0302
    Shuttle buses are available from the closest bullet-train station
    (JR Takahata station and JR Akayu station; tentative)
    Tickets: from ¥6,000


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