Little Nap COFFEE STAND - A local classy cafe in Shibuya -

Little Nap COFFEE STAND - A local classy cafe in Shibuya -

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Authentic espresso brewed with coffee beans roasted in-house, perfect for a quiet afternoon.

  • Little Nap COFFEE STAND is a classy cafe located in a quiet residential area near Yoyogi park. This February marked the beginning of its eighth year. The cafe is loved by its patrons, who appreciate carefully brewed coffee. The cafe hosts some DJ events and live band performances from time to time, facilitating the burgeoning of culture. Last year, the jazz band The Lagaerphones came from Melbourne, Australia, and were highly praised.

    The cafe’s friendly atmosphere makes it a great hangout spot for many different types of people. Their specially roasted coffee beans are praised - even by their competitors - and are in high demand.

    It is also - quite literally - a great place for a little nap.

  • 5-65-4 Yoyogi Shibuya-ku Tokyo 151-0053
    TEL: 03-3466-0074 OPEN: 9:00-19:00
    Closed every Monday | | CONTACT


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