I Am Robot And Proud 'Lucky Static' Japan Tour 2019 held on this spring

I Am Robot And Proud 'Lucky Static' Japan Tour 2019 held on this spring


Good news for electronica enthusiasts: I Am Robot And Proud will embark on a tour of Japan with 14 performances in May and June!

  • I Am Robot And Proud ― a project by Shaw-Han Liem from Toronto, Canada ― will embark on his first tour of Japan in nearly four years for his last-autumn release “Lucky Static.”

    You will enjoy Shaw-Han performing solo as well as with a full band at each performance. The band members haven't changed since their 2013 and 2015 Japan performances and the release of their mini-album “People Music.” I Am Robot And Proud's style flows between electronica, post-rock, contemporary jazz, and jam band - the music appeals to a wide range of listeners and has something to offer to everyone.
    A key element of the live performances by I Am Robot And Proud - just as important as the music - is the visuals programmed by Shaw-Han himself. Some short clips have been revealed since before the album a release. These clips have foreshadowed that this will be a superb show in which music and visuals are perfectly linked.

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    From 2019 May 10 to May 26
    Find the details of all of the performances here.


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