Suciu will be at “Beat In Me” nightclub VENT Omotesando

Suciu will be at “Beat In Me” nightclub VENT Omotesando


Beginning with RPR, spreading the Romanian sound all across the globe, rising star Suciu will be performing at Beat in Me!

  • (Updated 8/28/2019)
    The Beat in Me party will be bringing to Japan the sounds from Romania that has been spreading like wildfire across the minimal/techno world. This time around, touching down for his first party in Japan is the young and talented Suciu, slated to perform on June 8th, at Omotesando VENT!

    Currently at the top of the scene are RPR (Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu, Raresh); taking on an important role, these artists are laser focused on what direction they intend to take things, and have been receiving strong support from the underground. Combine that with Beat in Me, the foremost party in Japan for music lovers, these parties are full of excellent vibes and have gained a huge following. They've been going at it every two years since 2015's “RPR Soundsystem @ Liquidroom”, penetrating deep into the Japanese scene with top-caliber content. And this time around, Beat in Me, who have taken it upon themselves to be the domestic guidepost for growing the local minimal underground scene, will be throwing their party for the first time at VENT.

    Suciu, who will be playing for the first time in Japan, may not be the most well-known name here in Japan, but in his home scene of Romania, he's well renown for dropping many a killer tracks and has a solid following within the underground, making him an indispensable talent. He has been really earning his chops as DJs over there for the past year or two. His signature are ill tones and samples that make for a deep and addictive sonic experience that is both underground and a perfect match for what Beat in Me, as a party, is in search for. Beat in Me organizer Raha is currently one of his biggest supporters and wants to spread the word about this artist.

    In Room 1, along with Suciu, will be resident DJ and organizer, Raha. And in Room 2, yama' and P-yan, who need no introduction for Beat in Me fans; also joining, for the first time, will be TLMR's Keigo Koda and Sakai, collaborating to bring some super fresh sounds.

    We want more and more people to experience Beat in Me. So come join us on the frontlines of dance music and wrap yourself up comfortably within the groove!

    - Beat In Me feat. Suciu -
    DATE : 6/8 (SAT)
    OPEN : 23:00
    DOOR : ¥3,500 / FB discount : ¥3,000

    =ROOM 1=
    Suciu (Pressure Traxx / Romania)
    RAHA (Beat In Me)
    =ROOM 2=
    yama’ (Jammin’)
    P-yan (ARTEMIS)
    Keigo Koda (TLMR)
    Sakai (KLEINE)



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