Nagaoka Fireworks Festival on August 2 & 3 at Nagaoka City, Niigata

Nagaoka Fireworks Festival on August 2 & 3 at Nagaoka City, Niigata


The Nagaoka Festival is one of three top fireworks extravaganzas in Japan. If you’re looking to catch some spectacular fireworks, this is the place to go.

  • Stunning fireworks at the Nagaoka Festival

    Enjoy views of the night sky lit up in dazzling colors against the stunning backdrop of the Shinano river. The festival includes an assortment of displays, ranging from classic fireworks to ones with delightful names such as the “phoenix.” Some fireworks are even synchronized with music!

    Although the Nagaoka Festival may appear lively, it actually originated as a restoration event held in memory of those who passed away at the Nagaoka Air Raid on August 1, 1945. For that reason, the festival is held on August 2 and 3 each year.
    The fireworks here are launched as a memorial service and dedicated to peace and recovery.

  • The festival’s history

    The Nagaoka Festival is a glamorous event that takes place every year. However, the tragic story behind it is engraved in the history of the city.

    It was August 1, 1945. The night sky was dotted with ominous shadows. At 10:30 p.m, B29 bombers started dropping incendiary bombs on the town and continued for one hour and forty minutes. The attack burned 80% of the town and took 1,488 lives.

    One year later on August 1, 1946, the city held a restoration event to turn this tragic day to one representing revival. The event was a source of comfort for the residents and gave them an opportunity to come together to revive the town. It was later renamed as the Nagaoka Festival.

  • Details

    Nagaoka Fireworks Festival
    Dates: 19:20- 21:10 August 2 (Fri) and Aug 3 (Sat), 2019 (scheduled)
    Back-up date: To be determined
    Venue: Shinano River bank, downstream from the Chosei Bridge. Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture
    Expected visitors: 1,040,000 over the two-day period. (visitors in 2018)
    Inquiries about paid seats: Nagaoka Fireworks Ticket Center(0570-082-083) *Only open through the selling period

    Recommended spot: For the famous Sho Sanshakudama fireworks, try the upstream part of the bank from the Chosei Bridge. Secure a spot between the Chosei Bridge and Ote Ohashi Bridge to view the main event. Downstream from the Ote Ohashi Bridge is the best place to see the Phoenix.

    Nagaoka Fireworks Official Website

    Nagaoka Fireworks Official App
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