Experience art type festival “KaMiNG SINGULARITY” will take place in Shibuya, Tokyo!

Experience art type festival “KaMiNG SINGULARITY” will take place in Shibuya, Tokyo!


The ground-breaking festival to simulate the world where AI is acting as god.

  • “KaMiNG SINGULARITY” is the festival with installation art to imagine and create “the world where AI is acting as god in 2045” in a day. KaMi is coinage that is combining Kami(means god in Japanese) with AI.

    Enjoy the AI-collaborative live with human,the Cyber Shrine, and lots of contents about AI and god!
    This will be held in SHIBUYA STREAM Hall directly accessible from Shibuya station.
    Every floor has a different theme: “Life Style” in the 4th floor, “Faith” in the 5th floor, and“Entertainment/Art” in the 6th floor, with a diverse expression such as music live with each worldview, talk session, art, and installation.

  • There are 3 characteristics of this innovative festival.

    First one is “Changing music and unchanging music”.
    It says that music industry can have influence from technology at an early stage. What would be changed and remain unchanged in live scene and music there? Various aspects of entertainment will be performed in live area: the new musical styles played by AI and human, free open and humanity-seeking primitive musical styles haven’t changed since 100 years ago, and fusion performance of technique and embodiment.

    The Second is the Cyber Shrine. Come visit KaMi’s shrine. What is the
    function of shrine in this era?

    Finally, don’t miss the talk show about AI and god. University professors and a Buddhist priest will talk and consider the future where technologies cross religion and past/future human.

  • Details

    Event Period: August 9th, Friday
    Time: 14:00~21:00
    Tickets: https://kaming-singularity.peatix.com/
    Venue: SHIBUYA STREAM Hall
    Access: 3-21-3, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
    (Direct access from 16b exit in Shibuya station)
    Official site: https://www.kaming-singularity.com


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