Delta Funktionen is set to play at nightclub VENT Omotesando on June 28th

Delta Funktionen is set to play at nightclub VENT Omotesando on June 28th


A staple of the Delsin print and currently resident at Tresor, master technician Delta Funktionen will be making his way to nightclub VENT Omotesando!

  • (Updated 9/4/2019)
    Current resident at the prestigious Tresor in the hallow grounds of techno, Berlin, Delta Funktionen is set to play at Omotesando VENT on June 28th for the first time at FUSION! Combining techno, electro, house, and ghetto sounds arranged in a cinematic fashion have your body in constant motion! This is a must see/listen/feel!

  • As an artist, Delta Funktionen is obsessed with stories and concepts. Technically skillful and always in the know when it comes to fresh sounds (he worked for some time at a record store in Leeuwarden), his background has enabled him to devise vivid and cinematic performances that are always passion-filled. Because of this he has become a mainstay all over Europe, the US, East Asia, and Australia; dropping sets at venerated clubs like Concrete, Tresor, and Fabric. Formerly a resident at Trouw and Shelter, he is now a resident at the world-renown Tresor.

    His raw and edgy approach translates over into the studio, where Delta Funktionen has conjured up three full-length albums and many EPs. With a focus on hardware, a keen sense for sci-fi imagery with doses of nuanced political messaging and back stories that are high-concept. Often focusing on two or three pieces of hardware per project, he is constantly evolving with every release. He initially released for Delsin, but more recently he's been dropping works on his own label, Matrix Radio.

    From the domestic front, next-gen house/techno maverick with a taste for acid with a melodic touch, Gonno, who himself is known for creating sonic story arc each performance will be hitting the decks! Also joining will be the organizers for FUSION, mu”he and Kai Galactic, performing in Room 1.

    Delta Funktionen is a master technician, so much so that he was chosen to be part of Resident Advisor's Boiler Room live project. With differing artwork and themes per project, each piece gains its own unique identity. Now come join us for what will surely be an amazing night, when Delta Funktionen makes his long-awaited return to Japan to play at VENT!

    - Delta Funktionen at FUSION -
    DATE : 6/28 (FRI)
    OPEN : 23:00
    DOOR : ¥3,500 / FB discount : ¥3,000
    Delta Funktionen
    Gonno (WC / International Feel Recordings)
    mu”he (FUSION / ELEPHANT)
    Kai Galactic (FUSION / DAYBREAK)
    QSS (UrbanWorks)
    Yuta Ogura (Neuron/LowTechCircus)
    Ayana JJ
    SAYA SATURN (Banter)



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