ONE PARK FESTIVAL 2019 held on Fukui Central Park

ONE PARK FESTIVAL 2019 held on Fukui Central Park


Featuring Cornelius and many more - head to the edgiest festival in Fukui prefecture.

  • The venue — Fukui Central Park — is quite literally located at the center of Fukui City and a location that has long been sought after by many musicians based in Fukui as a perfect place to carry out a festival like this one.

    The park has recently undergone renovation; so the festival had to wait three years in the planning. This year, as the Japanese era turns to Reiwa from the previous Heisei, the very first edition of the festival arrives.

    Held on July 6 and 7, some artists that will perform on the first day include Cornelius, The Crazy Ken Band, and Wednesday Campanella, while Ulfuls, Sunaga t experience, Attractions, and many more will perform on the second day.

    Advance tickets are available for a discount (¥3,800 off for 2-day tickets and ¥1,000 off for 1-day tickets) while same-day general admission is available at ¥8,800 for either day.

    One Park Festival 2019
    @Fukui Central Park

    July 6 (Sat) and 7 (Sun)

    Same-day (1-day): ¥8,800
    Advance 2-day: ¥7,800
    Advance 1-day: ¥13,800

    Advance tickets are available for purchase at the following retailers.



    Lawson Tickets



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