ITALOJOHNSON will be performing at VENT Omotesando

ITALOJOHNSON will be performing at VENT Omotesando


What was up with the Boiler Room video where the entire thing was blurred out? ITALOJOHNSON is the mysterious 3-piece unit that shocked the world, and now they will be performing at K.E.G’s newest party – Our Own One.

  • This new party, Our Own One, will be held on July 13th after much anticipation, according to K.E.G (who has held epic performances at VENT) this party encapsulated his ideal vision for what a party should be. To elaborate, K.E.G is determined to make it known within the scene that the idea of the party is that it should be a medium between the DJ and audience that is an uninterrupted stream of grooves and beats, and he is trying to convey this vision of his via the Our Own One party.

  • In honor of being the first guest for this party, the mysterious and anonymous trio that is ITALOJOHNSON, who will be playing Japan for the first time by the way, were selected. The music they produce is meant to be played at night clubs, and definitely succeeds in getting people to move their bodies. Their music is not complex, but rather simple and direct. It’s crafted with love and care, and is made to be burned into your memory; influential, emotional, and infectious - these are the terms that best define their sound. Their music directly impacts the mind and body - that is all that matters. Their records are denoted by a mere stamp, but nevertheless they sell out almost instantaneously. Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Richie Hawtin, Sven Väth, Ben UFO - a plethora of top DJs have been spinning their tracks.

    On the domestic front, Our Own One will feature a colorful medly of talent, ranging from CYK to Kotsu - all part of the next generation house music collective. Kotsu has, domestically, played alongside Baba Stiltz and Mall Grab, as well as loads of upcoming DJs like HAAi. He's played overseas as part of a crew as well. In Room 2, the legendary Toshiyuki Goto, who began playing both domestically and internationally in the late 80s and has dropped countless epic tracks, will be playing an all-night (open to close) set!

    It will be the first time observing the mysterious ITALOJOHNSON, and K.E.G, Kotsu, and Toshiyuki Goto will also be delivering an intense array of dance grooves - so why not come by and get both your mind and body rocked?!

    - ITALOJOHNSON at Our Own One -
    DATE : 7/13 (SAT)
    OPEN : 23:00
    DOOR : ¥3,000 / FB discount : ¥2,500

    Kotsu (CYK)
    Toshiyuki Goto - OPEN to LAST -


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