Sunnyside Debut Japan National Tour

Sunnyside Debut Japan National Tour


Hailing from Melbourne Australia, Sunnyside is a six-piece collective of jamming journeymen, and their next stop is Japan. They may look like Mac Demarco's backing band, but don't be deceived, they groove like Nile Rodgers.

  • Having sold out sweaty nightclubs, and steamy jazz bars across their home nation, Sunnyside have garnered a reputation for treating each live performance like it's their last. Think hooky bass lines, and trippy experimental improv sessions all overlaid with a heavy dose of sultry sax.

  • The crew pride themselves on creating what they call “music that you can feel, played with a feeling that you need to see.” It's this wholely encompassing energy which captured the attention of FUJI ROCK 2019 organizers who decided to take a punt on this endearingly ragtag group of Aussies, booking them for two performances on the second day of the festival.

    Playing two FUJI ROCK shows it's a big job for the crew, but it’s one they're more than prepared for, having recently played Australian festivals NYE on the Hill, Something Unlimited, and the Mullumbimby Music Festival.

  • Their first full length' Body Heat' (2018) on Marthouse Records gave the world an introduction to the manic melancholy that is Sunnyside. With another album on the horizon, and shows in Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagoya even closer we're only just beginning to see what the band are capable of, and it's pretty damn exciting.

  • July 18 440 Shimokitazawa, Tokyo
    With Elle Shimada Band, Minakekke, Miyake Haruka

    July 19 Nanahari, Tokyo
    With Kitazato Akihisa (ex. Alfred Beach Sandal), Wool + the pants.

    July 20 Nui, Tokyo
    with Osaka Monaurail

    July 22 Urbanguild, Kyoto
    with Wa Yo Set (Osaka), Elle Shimada Collective

    July 23 Namba Bears, Osaka
    With blanka (Nagoya), Natural Killers

    July 24 KD Japon, Nagoya
    With Penguinrush, Elle Shimada Collective

    July 27 Fuji Rock Festival

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