Experience the Best of Japanese Culture near Osaka Castle. 「Nohgaku × BBQ Dining」 now open for a limited time.

Experience the Best of Japanese Culture near Osaka Castle. 「Nohgaku × BBQ Dining」 now open for a limited time.

Food & Drink

Enjoy BBQs and Noh, a Japanese traditional theatre, at Nohgaku Dining, now open at Blue Squares Rooftop Terrace, atop The Landmark Square Osaka from July to September.

  • Back in the Nara period, the Tang dynasty of China introduced Sangaku to Japan, a form of entertainment combining dance, instruments, singing, pantomime, and acrobatics. It came to be known as Sarugaku (monkey music) in the Heian period and was popular among the masses.
    In the Kamakura period, various kinds of Saraku were born. Later, Kabuki (Japanese classical drama) came to be known as Noh (skill), and comical theatrical pantomime became Kyogen (mad speech).
    After that, in the Muromachi period, Noh/Nohgaku became highly praised by the aristocrats from the Kansai region, enhancing its artistry and spirituality, giving birth to many excellent works. Now, in the present time, Noh is registered as a world intangible cultural heritage. How about dining while enjoying the Noh theatre, the oldest performing arts in Japan?

    ■Noh dining day 

    ・ July 25, 2019 Special event date ※ The details are below
    ・ August 2, 2019 18:00
    ・ August 26, 2019 18:00
    ・ September 4, 2019 18:00
    ・ September 18, 2019 18:00
    Reservation page: https://www.landmark-osaka.com/topics/20190621/

    ■BBQ & Buffet Menu

    <BBQ menu>
    -Plate stuck to domestic beef
    Sirloin-Large Format Style-
    Shoulder loin-large format style-
    Ramp-served with the finest red meat
    Special hormone-lemon pepper flavor-
    ・ Vegetable
    7 kinds of seasonal vegetables-Grilled vegetables and salads-

    <Buffet menu>
    Pickled vegetables / dip in avocado-served with chips-garlic shrimp and scallops, broccoli marinade-together with avocado / cold pasta salad / cut pine / litchi / Osaka castle curry / specialty sausage

  • Nohgaku Dining Open Event – Tenjin Fireworks Festival × Osaka Castle Summer Festival: “The Best”

    The open event is also held along with Nohgaku Dining’s opening.

    Date: July 25th, 2019 (Thu) 19:00-21:00 Reception started from 18:30
    Place: The Landmark Square Osaka Rooftop
    “Bluebars rooftop terrace”
    Participation fee:¥5,500 (1 person)
    ※ The advance reservation is¥5,000 (1 person)
    Reservation page: https://bluebirdsibent.peatix.com/view


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