Japan Philharmonic Orchestra to Perform a “Sound Free” Concert 2019

Japan Philharmonic Orchestra to Perform a “Sound Free” Concert 2019


Japan Philharmonic Orchestra will hold “SOUND-FREE CONCERT 2019” and “THE CROSSING UN-ORCHESTRA” two weeks in a row, on Tuesday, August 20 and Tuesday, August 27, 2019 which will mark "OCHIAI Yoichi x Japan Philharmonic Orchestra Project VOL.3."

  • Today, music genres have been increasing in many ways, and people seem to go further away from classical orchestral music.
    Yoichi OCHIAI and JPO have sought new possibilities by means of new technologies, and started the new projects aiming for those who are not familiar with orchestras including those with hearing impairment to feel closer to orchestras and enjoy orchestra concerts.

    This time, two differently designed concerts, one featuring 'Diversity,' <SOUND-FREE CONCERT 2019> and the other featuring 'Art,' <THE CROSSING UN-ORCHESTRA> will take place updating the orchestra by technology.

    <SOUND-FREE CONCERT 2019> which will be held on August 20th aims for a concert that everyone can enjoy whether they have hearing impairment or not. We will also invite challenged children, giving them good opportunities to enjoy music physically.

    <THE CROSSING UN-ORCHESTRA> which will be held on August 27th connects “music” (the work itself and its world) with senses other than hearing (senses of sight, touch etc.), helping audiences to feel the music even more by the visual images which will be further renovated from VOL.2 concert <Transforming Orchestra.>

  • It is going to be 100 years since orchestras of Western classical music started to become active in Japan. These concerts will look back that history and adding new pages to it with experiencing both of the two very different “new orchestra styles”, so that your own music world for sure will expand in various ways.

    ■Cast & Staff
    Director : OCHIAI Yoichi
    Conductor : EBIHARA Hikaru
    Orchestra : Japan Philharmonic Orchestra
    Facilitator : EBARA Yoko
    Visual Design : WOW
    Lighting: MARUSE Kazuhiro

    ・First Night Diversity <SOUND-FREE CONCERT 2019>
    Tuesday, August 20, 2019, 19:00
    Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall (Hatsudai Station)

    PACHELBEL : Canon
    SAINT-SAËNS : The Carnival of the Animals etc

    Tuesday, August 27, 2019, 19:00
    Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Concert Hall (Ikebukuro Station)

    Japanese Classical Works
    DEBUSSY : The Sea, Dialogue of the wind and the sea etc

    ※Please note that pre-school children are not allowed at this concert

    Application : JPO Seivice Center
    Tel.03-5378-5911 [Weekday10-17]  

    <Dr Yoichi Ochiai>

    Dr Yoichi Ochiai, born in 1987, is a media artist and Associate Professor at the University of Tsukuba. He received his Ph.D in Applied Computer Science from the University of Tokyo. He believes that AI operates like an organism that has the ability to interlink materials and phenomena without the intervention of human reasoning. As a media artist, his work explores the theme of Digital Nature. Through observing new technology, he combines the digital with the analogue, and reality with the virtual, creating a present as vital and immediate as nature itself.

    His work has been widely exhibited, including in the solo exhibitions “Image and Matter”, Kuala Lumpur, 2016, “Sehnsucht Nach Masse”, Tokyo Amana Square, 2019, and “Yoichi Ochiai, Beauty of National Resolution ∽ End to End Transformation of Material Things ∽ Digital Nature”, in Omotesando, Tokyo, which delved into the aesthetics of eastern philosophy. His work has also been shown in group exhibitions, including “Ars Electronica Festival”, “SIGGRAPH Art Gallery”, “Kempoku Arts Festival” and “Media Ambition Tokyo”.

    Yoichi has received numerous awards, including a World Technology Award in 2015, the Prix Ars Electronica 2016, an Honorary Mention in the EU STARTS Prizes 2016, and Laval Virtual Awards in 2014-17. He was included in the Best Knowledge Pool at the St. Gallen Symposium and the Global Shapers at the World Economic Forum.

    He has been widely featured in the media, including in magazines and on television and radio, as well as on the cover of numerous design and art magazines, including Axis, Leonardo, and Nature Index 2017. He has given many lectures at universities both in Japan and abroad and at symposiums such as TEDxTokyo. At SEMICON Japan, a major semiconductor technology conference, Yoichi was the youngest ever keynote speaker in its 40-year history.


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