New Club Music Culture by JUNSHIMBO & OTHERTHEQue!

New Club Music Culture by JUNSHIMBO & OTHERTHEQue!


Hello, guys. I’m Jun SHIMBO, a music producer living in Tokyo. I’ve always loved to experience real music sound from all over the world. Especially, “gay music”, “drag music”, and so-called authentic “club music” that I experienced in London, 2008 are my biggest inspirations. After coming back to Japan, I worked on producing music events, DJ performances, and music production. And I realized there is a huge gap between Japanese and overseas club culture. I realized, Japanese club scene isn’t liven up at all. Japanese audiences are obsessed with famous, all-time favorite artists, while the world is always updated with new sounds and new music. I felt regret seeing that, and wanted to do something about that. So, I started “OTHERTHEQue!” project to share club music from around the world with Japanese audiences.I.

  • OTHERTHEQue! Music and Event concept

    The music event I direct, “OTHERTHEQue!” stands for “other : diversity”, and “theque! : place that people gather”. I want everyone to simply enjoy the music regardless of race, nationality, age. The biggest point I put value on is, to book artists who is “not known in Japan, but famous in abroad” or “so talented that will amaze the Japanese music scene” so that I can share the wonderfulness of music, diversity, and artists from all over the world. And I believe, that will lead Japanese music scene to live up more and more.

  • OTHERTHEQue!’s History

    Even though “OTHERTHEQue!” is held on Monday midnight, over 100 music lovers come to the event every time. The reason that makes it possible is the feeling of “Only in Here”. For instance, JONNA who owns “City Fly Records” a UK based music rabel, came to Japan for the first time for our first night in february 2019. For our second night, The Jazz Zodiac who made a contract with “Kitsune” from France and “NDYD” from German came and played a special live set. And the latest night, I invited Sandboards from Australia, who is only 22 and made a contract with the UK's major rabel “Feel My Bicep”. Every event, I curated high-quality and special contents that can make every music fan impressed.

  • OTHERTHEQue!’s Future

    The 4th night is gonna be on August 5th. As a headliner, Vanessa Worm who made contract with duo from glasgow UK, Optimo’s “Optimo music” is invited. And many more up-and-coming artists are coming to Japan for the first time in October, December, and February. To share club music from around the world with Japanese audiences, I will keep up and introduce a lot of special contents. Please come and enjoy!

    Guest DJ From Aus, Vanessa Worm(Optimo Music / Aus)
    DATE : 8/5 (Mon)
    OPEN : 21:00
    DOOR : ¥2,000 / Mail discount : ¥1,500

    House Cat
    Loose J & Last Order


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