“Want to know the Real side of Akihabara?”

“Want to know the Real side of Akihabara?”


Hello, I’m Sasakichi, the man who has lived his whole life with Otaku-contents in Akihabara from childhood and now called as “Mr. Akihabara”; the true Akiba-professional guy!

  • Everyone says Akihabara is the place full of exciting spots to visit and as a matter of fact we see lot of sightseers come and go everyday. But on the other hand, I also hear that people who deeply love otaku contents are not really satisfied with the existing Akihabara tour packages. I totally understand this opinion because most of those “normal tours” are arranged mainly for tourists. And it doesn’t work for people who are looking for the places where the local otaku visit. So that’s why I decided to provide “The Best Akihabara Tour for Otaku” curated by Mr. Akihabara, myself!

    There are quite a number of activities I can introduce; anime-pilgrimage, visiting Kanda Myojin shrine, shopping at anime figure shops, retro video game shops, curious gadget shops, “gacha gacha” shops, and maid café experiences and more..

  • To Currently I’m working on the cosplay performance stage event.
    The name of my event is “Aki Cos”, which is held every month in Akihabara. Not sure what’s “cosplay performance event” is?

    It is a kind of live stage show events which the cosplayers take part in wearing their favorite cosplays and show their performances like singing, dancing, or acting. The stages are always heating up with the energy of cheerful cosplay performers.

  • The upcoming event is going to be held on August 10th at Kanda Myojin shrine in “Zeppin☆POP Culture festa@ Kanda Myojin Cool Festival “ !

    AKIBA×COSPLAY PERFORMANCE “Aki Cos”&Anime Song DJ event ”Akiba Sonic”
    Enjoy cosplay performance stages and DJ!!

    8/10(Sat) open 16:30/ start 17:00
    Cast:All Cosplayers !!!

    Want to check this place out with a local? Visit https://fukuroz.com/


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