Targeting Millennials, New Tokyo Hotel “HOTEL TAVINOS” at Hamamatsucho support your journey with AI

Targeting Millennials, New Tokyo Hotel “HOTEL TAVINOS” at Hamamatsucho support your journey with AI


“HOTEL TAVINOS,” leading Japanese hospitality company Fujita Kanko’s new brand, open its first property, a stylish 188-room hotel, at Hamamatsucho, Tokyo.

  • Emphasizing affordability and functionality for adventure-seeking millennials and like-minded travelers from around the world, Tavinos will boast average room rates of 10,000 yen/night (approximately US$90 today) for a twin/double room at premier urban locations due to implementation of new technologies that enable minimal staffing.

  • One differentiator that will separate Tavinos from the crowded Tokyo hotel market is its state-of-the-art AI concierge, the first of its kind among Japanese hotels. Named “TAVINOSHIORI,” it will feature an interactive map on an oversized (approximately 54 inch x 96 inch) touchscreen panel synced with SNS and other real-time information such as public transportation and weather. Hotel staff will post their recommendations for local spots and events, which will be integrated into the system. Two panels will be placed in the lounge, and can provide voice assistance to guests in English, Chinese and Japanese.

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  • With eye-popping Manga (animation) covering the hotel, Tavinos will blend design, space, and technology, seeking to serve as a sleek hub for international visitors to meet fellow travelers, gather local information, and have fun during their travels. The guest rooms, 12 m2 (129 ft2) on average, will be minimally furnished with smart storage to maximize space. Coffee and bread will be available for breakfast.

  • Hamamatsucho, part of picturesque waterfront Tokyo, features a ferry terminal yet is still under the radar for international visitors. Public transportation offers fast access to/from Haneda international airport and main Tokyo shopping/entertainment districts such as Ginza, Odaiba, Shibuya and Harajuku. Nearby landmarks include Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge and Hamarikyu Gardens.

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