Six great Shinjuku nightlife spots

Six great Shinjuku nightlife spots

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Tokyo’s downtown district of Shinjuku is a symbol of Japan, with lots of places to shop and restaurants serving delicious food. There are so many options, it can be hard to choose what to do. The area is also full of fun nightlife spots and activities. Here is our pick of six of our favorite night spots! Be sure to check them out if you come to Shinjuku.


    Take part in a variety of game experiences, from escapes to puzzle solving. Team up with your friends and try to clear it within the time limit! There are games that are only available for a limited period, and even collaborations with popular anime! Try out an attraction that you won’t find elsewhere!

    【World’s most mystery-crammed theme park Tokyo Mystery Circus offers popular escape game!】

    【A popular escape room game is now open at the world’s most mysterious theme park, Tokyo Mystery Circus!】

    【Live-Action Stealth Game Now Open at Tokyo Mystery Circus, the World's Most Puzzle-Packed Theme Park!】

  • 2. yelo

    With a fluffy texture and gorgeous colors, Yelo offers a new style of shaved ice. Their original shop - which caused a global trend - is based in Roppongi, but you can enjoy it at TOKYO MYSTERY CIRCUS in Shinjuku. At the “yelo CAFE,” they serve some light dishes in addition to their famous shaved ice.

    【KAKIGORI CAFÉ & BAR yelo at Roppongi】

  • 3. “DRAMATIC TOUR” Walking tours of Shinjuku

    The DRAMATIC TOUR takes you on an exploration of the neon lights of Shinjuku. This walking tour will guide you through areas in Shinjuku including Kabukicho, Shinjuku O-Guard, and the Hanazono Shrine. Huge billboards and neon lights make the perfect opportunity for shooting pictures for social media.
    *Only available to guests staying at Shinjuku Prince Hotel.


  • 4. duCafe Shinjuku

    The du Cafe Shinjuku's concept is to create a space where you will find good, modern-day music with an excellent sound. Music lovers can immerse themselves in the high-quality music while enjoying their food and drink. The playlist is carefully curated by staff from the well-known record chain Disc Union. Music selections change daily.

    【du cafe Shinjuku: Music Café and Bar Now Open】

  • 5. Bon Odori Izakaya

    The Bon Odori is a dance that people of all ages are familiar with, and is usually one of the main event of summer festivals across Japan. You can experience at a summer festival, or go to the Bon Odori Izakaya! Enjoy connecting with all kinds of people over some delicious beverages.

    【Bon Odori Izakaya was born in Shinjuku, Tokyo in the spring of 2019!】


    SIRO-A, a globally active non-verbal performance group that embodies new concepts, will be performing regular shows in Shinjuku. Their awe-inspiring shows make full use of sound and images to create an incredible spectacle. Come and experience it for yourself!

    【The Golden Buzzer Winning Act from America's Got Talent will be happening in Shinjuku for a long running show!】


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