Hakata Old Town Light-up Walk 2019: Visit temples and shrines for sightseeing at night

Hakata Old Town Light-up Walk 2019: Visit temples and shrines for sightseeing at night


Hakata Old Town at Fukuoka Prefecture, is an area that thrived as the heart of Hakata, Japan’s largest trading port city during the Middle Ages. The area is home to countless Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, and these will be beautifully lit-up as part of the night-time event— Hakata Old Town Light-up Walk.

  • This special event is an excellent opportunity to experience the wonders of Hakata differently to its daytime appearance. Within the serene silence created by the beautiful light cast on the shrines and temples that tell Hakata’s history, we hope you can enjoy a moment of peace away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

    This year's edition, we set art installations collaborating with “Art in Hakata Old Town”, food stalls here and there, Japanese traditional entertainments, collecting a series of stamps and more!
    So let's walk, eat, drink, pray and enjoy yourselves!

  • <Dates and Times>

    Four days between October 11 (Friday) – October 14 (Monday) , 2019
    6:00pm – 9:00 pm (Entry until 8:45pm)
    (The event will take place regardless of the weather)

  • <Venue Information>

    ・Venues That Require Admission Fees
    Kushida Shrine, Jotenji Temple, Tochoji Temple, Myorakuji Temple, Engakuji Temple, Hongakuji Temple, Zendoji Temple, Myotenji Temple、Kaigenji Temple, Ryuguji Temple

    ・Locations with Free Admission
    Kushida Shrine (Premier Stage), Shojoji Temple※1、Ichigyoji Temple※1, Hakata Sennen-no-Mon Gate, Katsuragi Jizo, Hakata Machiya Folk Museum※2, Hakata Traditional Craft and Design Museum
    ※1 Only the Sanmon Gate will be lit up. (It is not possible to enter the temple itself.)
    ※2 Entry is free during this event.

  • <Ticket Information>

    ・With one ticket you can access all venues that require admissions fees, only once each.
    (so each of you need one ticket if you are some group.)
    ・Tickets are valid for four days.

    For more information on ticket prices and purchases, please visit this official website


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