Experience the Music raised around the world, brewed in Japan: Nory / miffrino

Experience the Music raised around the world, brewed in Japan: Nory / miffrino


Hi. I’m Nory, bassist of a band called “digda”, and a track maker known by the name “miffrino”. I’ve always loved music since I played my father’s guitar when I was 12 years old. I’ve spent my teenage years listening to Punk, Rock, and Hip hop. And after that I’ve backpacked around the world and since then the idea of street performance has came up in my mind. Sidewalks, station platforms, parks, bars… I’ve performed literally anywhere that I could perform. Having those experience for 2 years, I’ve packed all the inspirations that I’ve gained and came back to Japan. Now and then music is what drives me, it’s where my passion belong.

  • Days as a Backpacker gave me the Inspiration of the New Sound.

    My band “digda” has a concept that creates new sounds with no boundaries between genres. Funk, Blues, Jazz, Rock and some spacy or psychedelic spices… all of them are mixed and made into songs with catchy and danceable melodies. Each of my band members, Victoria(Vo), SKM(Dr), Cosino Ryutar(Gt) has their own uniqueness that connected to the sound. And I, Nory play bass and remix all tracks. I hope you enjoy our unique world view through our music, which only digda can offer.

  • Dance Music with No Boundaries

    My solo-project “miffrino” is where I produce club music like Electro / Techno / Down Tempo with sync and sampling. Here I am more focused on my own art inside my head, whereas I care for the jam and groove of audiences when I’m a bandsman. I was inspired to make some club music by a festival called Rainbow Serpent, 2011 Australia, and to release the songs I made, I started my career as miffrino. I want clubheads to enjoy miffrino songs. You can check out on Spotify and Apple music!

  • Wanna Venture with us?

    digda is like a chameleon. We perform different every time, because audiences are different every time. Performing music depending on how audiences are dancing and grooving is very thrilling and exciting! So I want to tour around the world and want a lot of people to be part of that. Currently digda is based in Kanto region, but the scope of our performance is expanding to Hokkaido, Hokuriku, Kansai, and more! I hope to see overseas audiences as well in the near future. As miffrino, I’m going to perform at BBstreet, Yokohama on November 27th. I will be performing some of my new songs so please look forward to it! Help us spread the world!
    Need a local guide to take you? Check out FukuroZ. https://fukuroz.com/

    <Schedules & Informations>

    miffrino :
    OFFICIAL WEBSITE https://www.miffrino.com/
    Tracks are now streaming on Spotify and Apple music.
    Live performances in November and December.

    digda :
    OFFICIAL WEBSITE  https://www.digdajp.com/
    FACEBOOK digda.jp
    Live performance @ Awaji-Shima in November
    BB Street, Kannai, Yokohama’s 22th anniversary party on November 27th.

    Our friend Indus&Rocks (http://indusandrocks.com/), Toshiki, and Shintaro Okada will also perform.

    ■BB Street
    〒231-0016 Kanagawa, Yokohama-city, Naka-ku, Masago-cho 3-33
    Kannai CERTE Building 12F
    TEL:045-681-8202 (16:00~23:00)


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