Japan's largest Halloween event “Kawasaki Halloween 2019”

Japan's largest Halloween event “Kawasaki Halloween 2019”


The global artist group, “TOKYO GEGEGAY” is finally performing at Kawasaki Halloween!
Featuring a wide range of activities, including the high quality “Halloween Awards”, new projects, and “KAWAHALLO RUNWAY” –a massive 50 meter-long runway headlined by kids!

  • Kawasaki Halloween 2019
  • About “Kawasaki Halloween”

    “Kawasaki Halloween”, first held in 1997, now welcomes its 23rd edition. Last year saw the usual parade course played out in reverse, a dynamic new development which utilized both sides of the street. Approximately 2,200 partygoers participated in the “Halloween Parade”, cheered on by 120,000 spectators.

    This year, with the start of the Reiwa era, we usher in a new theme - “A Challenge for a New Era”. By progressively casting young, up-and-coming new creators and performers, we hope to stand for a new kind of Kawasaki Halloween, welcoming the dawn of a better and brighter future. As we look towards the year 2020, we will show the world how proud we are of Kawasaki Halloween, one of Japan’s largest-scale entertainment events, which transcends languages, international borders, and even gender. We hope you are as excited about the first Reiwa era “Kawasaki Halloween 2019” as we are!!

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  • This year's key visual is “TOKYO GEGEGAY”! Their first performance at Kawasaki Halloween's prestige event, the “Halloween Parade”!

    Kawasaki Halloween‘s prestige event, the “Halloween Parade”.
    This dynamic procession stretches for 1.7 km and takes over all 6 traffic lanes of Shinkawa street, and is one of Japan‘s largest Halloween parades.
    Partygoers from across the nation are gathered here, dressed in uniquely individual costumes, parading and dancing in the streets. The main float leading the parade features this year‘s Halloween key visual - “TOKYO GEGEGAY!” As a symbol of this year's Kawasaki Halloween, the main float features dance performances and a DJ, to bring the parade to a fever pitch.

    < Halloween Parade overview >
    Date: October 27th (Sunday), 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    Venue: Kawasaki Station East Exit area
    (Below the Keikyu line bridge in front of the station Shiyakusho Dori - Heiwa Dori - Shinkawadori)
    Performers: TOKYO GEGEGAY and others

  • Kawasaki Halloween 2019
  • This year's key visual! “TOKYO GEGEGAY” will descend upon Kawasaki‘s “Factory night view”!

    The key visual motif is a background, filmed at Kawasaki‘s famous “Factory night view” (industrial area at night).
    We will show the world the rich culture and diversity of Kawasaki, and the artistic and daring spirit of Kawasaki Halloween.

    Kawasaki ’s “Factory night view” is also introduced in detail in this article. Please check it out.

  • Kawasaki Halloween 2019
  • Over 2,000 parade participants have entered last year at the “Halloween Awards”!

    The traditional “Halloween Awards” - a competition to select the best costumes, are judged on the basis of several criteria, including individuality, quality, and fun factor.
    The judging procedures have been revised significantly since last year.
    Judges will now venture into the Kawasaki Station area to look for unique individuals, identifying participants who have uploaded photos using the official app, and choose the best costumes.
    Each of the award winners will win valuable prizes, and the Grand Prize winner will be awarded ¥500,000!

    Kawasaki Halloween 2019
  • < Halloween Awards overview >

    Date: October 27th (Sunday), all-day
    Venue: Entire Kawasaki Halloween event area
    Judges: Judges will walk through the area, as well as judge participants on-stage
    Results announcement: October 31st (Thursday)
    *Details will be announced at a later date via the official website.

  • Kawasaki Halloween 2019
  • Popular annual event is here again! “Dancing Pumpkins” (After party)

    After the popular annual parade comes the after-party, “Dancing Pumpkins”. On-stage will be DJs and performers from the parade, ready to energize the Kawasaki Halloween night!

    And Information about other programs released arrival!
    A collaborative project with Kawasaki‘s “Factory night view” (industrial area at night) - the “Halloween Night Cruise”, and more…!!

    ※To participate in any of the Halloween night programs, or for event information, check out the Kawasaki Halloween official website!

  • Kawasaki Halloween 2019
  • KAWASAKI Halloween 2019

    Schedule: October 1st, 2019(Tue) to 31st(Thu)
    Main Event Oct 26th(Sat)27th(Sun)10:00am to 10:00pm ※Estimate time
    Venue: Around JR Kawasaki Station and its vicinities

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