Festival of the lights: Illuminations light up the city of Osaka

Festival of the lights: Illuminations light up the city of Osaka


The 7th annual “Osaka / Hikari no Feast 2019” will be held from November 4, 2019 (Monday / Transfer Holiday) to January 31, 2020 (Friday).

  • This illumination event consists of a “core program” that lights Midosuji and Nakanoshima with light, and an “area program” held in various places in Osaka.

  • Core program “Midosuji Illumination 2019”

    Osaka's main street, Midosuji, is brightly illuminated for 4 km between Umeda to Namba. The Midosuji Illumination, which holds the Guiness World Record for “the most illuminated trees on a sigle street,” celebrates its 11th year this year.

    Schedule: November 4, 2019 (Monday / Transfer Holiday)-December 31 (Tuesday) 58 days
    Lighting time: Around 17: 00-23: 00
    Venue: Midosuji (Hanshin-mae intersection - Namba west exit intersection)

  • Core program “OSAKA Hikari Renaissance 2019”

    This is a light program that makes use of the waterside scenery that spreads around Nakanoshima. The light artwork will use the walls of Osaka's historic building “Osaka City Central Public Hall” and surrounding areas.

    Schedule: December 14 (Saturday)-December 25 (Wednesday) 2019 * 12 days
    Time: 17: 00-22: 00 (some programs 16: 00-23: 00)
    Partial lighting period: November 4th (Monday, transfer holiday) to December 13th (Friday), December 26th (Thursday) to December 31st (Tuesday)
    Partial lighting time: 17: 00-23: 00
    (Partly lighting contents are the Osaka City Hall front illumination facade and Nakanoshima Illumination Street)
    Venue: Around Osaka City Hall-Nakanoshima Park
    Nearest station: Osaka Metro / Keihan “Yodoyabashi Station” “Kitahama Station” “Tenmabashi Station”, Keihan “Naniwabashi Station”

    The main two of the core program “OSAKA Hikari Renaissance 2019” are as follows:

  • Nakanoshima Illumination Street

    The illuminated street is 150 meters long, and symbolizes the renaissance of OSAKA Hikari. This year, we will extend the period that you can enjoy the effect of synchronizing music and light.

    Schedule: December 14 (Saturday)-December 25 (Wednesday) 2019
    Time: 17: 00-23: 00 (Direction from 17: 00-21: 30, once every 15 minutes for about 10 minutes, 21:15 start last)
    Venue: Central venue Miotsukushi Promenade
    Lighting period: November 4 (Monday / Transfer holiday)-December 13 (Friday), December 26 (Thursday)-December 31 (Tuesday)
    Lighting time: 17: 00-23: 00
    From December 1st (Sunday) to December 13th (Friday), December 26th (Thursday) to December 31st (Tuesday), a performance of about 7 minutes is performed once every 15 minutes. 21:00 Start is final.

  • Osaka City Central Public Hall wall projection mapping

    Art professionals and art students collaborated in producing the event, and carried out everything from planning, composition to production. This is a light entertainment that takes place at the Osaka City Central Public Hall.

    Schedule: December 14 (Saturday) to December 25 (Wednesday), 2019 * Free viewing
    Venue: Central venue Osaka City Central Public Hall East side front

    <Part1. 17: 00-21: 00> Art of Light ~ Projection Mapping ~
    A light art project by a collaboration of art students and professionals
    Projection mapping with the theme of “tsugu” to express to the next generation that various charms intersect and interact with each other with light.

    <Part2. 21:00~21:30> Light Painting-Picture story show-“When a dream blooms Door”
    Art of light by wall tapestry writers.

  • In addition, many illuminations are held in various places in Osaka.
    There are 25 area programs.

    Check the official website for information.


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